What is the latest Bruce Willis movie?

Bruce Willis announced his retirement from acting, after a long film career that began in 1980 and maintained until today, which turned it into one of the most important actors from Hollywood and around the world, starring in the highest-grossing action and comedy films. Do you know what the last one was?

According to the IMDb portal, Bruce Willis acted in 145 films and television seriesWhat Die Hard, The Fifth Element, 12 monkeys, Ocean’s Twelve, Armageddon, The Protected and even appeared in four episodes of the program friends.

In addition, German-born actor and musician as well produced eight filmswrote two and up musicalized 19 more.

What was the last Bruce Willis movie?

The IMDb portal shows that In 2022 alone, Bruce Willis participated in 11 projectss, of which four have already been completed, six are in the post-production process and one is in pre-production.

The completed films that are planned for this year are: Gasoline Alley, A Day to Die, Vendetta, Fortress: Sniper’s Eyein which he has a leading role.

These are directed by Wes Miller, Eduard Drake, among others, in addition to sharing credits with actors like Luke Wilson and Kevin Dillon.

While those that are in post production are: The Wrong Place, Soul Assassin, Corrective Measures, Wire Room, White Elephant and Paradise City.

The last film in which he is contemplated, according to IMBd, is fortress 3in which he would act alongside Chad Michael Murray.

What was his first movie?

His first films were: The first deadly sin Ein Guru kommt and final verdictalthough in these he did not have any leading role and did not even appear in the credits.

His first leading role in a movie was with the romantic comedy Cit blindlyin which he appeared alongside Kim Basinguer.


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What is the latest Bruce Willis movie?