What became of Matthew Broderick? the present of Sarah Jessica Parker’s talented husband

Matthew Broderick He was born in 1962 and was destined to work on the show. She comes from a family of artists, her mother, Patricia Biow, was a playwright, actress and painter and her father is actor James Broderick, so her path in acting was clear.

He made his debut on the stage with his father in the play On Valentine’s Day and later, the cinema gave him a space participating in the cast of “Hello Mr. Dugan” so he became the golden child of his generation, starring in successful films in the 80s and 90s as “Ferris Buller Day Off” or “War Games”.

However, despite having a career in Hollywood, his career was declining and gradually disappearing from the box office successes, while his wife, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, reaped success with the series that launched her to the world star “Sex and the City ”.

But why did Matthew Broderick go from being Hollywood’s golden actor to being known as “Sarah Jessica Parker’s husband”? Was your career really on the wane or did you just take a different course?

Matthew Broderick, el actor

Matthew made his debut on the stage at the age of 17 and was only 21 when he won his first Tony, the most important award given by the theater in the United States, an equivalent to the Oscar in the film industry, so his career was already promising.

And so he affirmed with the roles he had during the 80s and 90s, War Games, Ferris Buller Day Off, Project X, Addict to Love, Inspector Gadget, Ellection (the movie he starred in with a young Reese Witherspoon) and it was even the voice of Simba in The Lion King, record his file in IMDB.

He was a sure hit in whatever production he took from the industry, but he was also an acquaintance in the media, who had no mercy on him when he starred in a confusing incident in Ireland.

During 1987, the actor was on vacation in that country with his fiancée, the “Dirty Dancing” actress, Jennifer Gray, when they had a traffic accident. Broderick went to the opposite track in the vehicle he was driving, so he collided with another vehicle where a mother and her daughter were coming, both of whom died in the accident.

He pointed out to the local authorities that he did not remember anything. “I don’t remember the day. I don’t remember even getting up in the morning. I don’t remember making the bed. The first thing I remember is waking up in the hospital, with a feeling that something strange was happening to my leg, “he said. But his explanation was not enough and he faced murder charges.

Finally, he was only blamed for the crime of reckless driving and was sentenced to pay a fine of 160 thousand pesos, it said. The world.

The serious accident did not affect his career, not at least until 2013 when he starred for the Super Bowl in a commercial promoting a new car for the Honda brand, when everyone brought up the accident that took the lives of two people and from which he left No problem.

Sarah Jessica Parker, an eternal love in New York

Thirty years ago, Matthew Broderick met Sarah Jessica Parker for the first time, the actress who at that moment still did not have the fame that she acquired with her Sex and the City series, but who had her space in the media, considering that she was partner of Robert Downey Jr. and John F. Kennedy Jr, the son of President John Kennedy.

It was specifically in New York, the city that has given the couple the most success, where they met thanks to the actress’s brothers, who had Broderick in their Naked Angels theater company.

One of Parker’s brothers introduced him to the actor, who took months just asking young Sarah out, until he asked him on a date via a message on his phone saying “Hi, I’m Matthew Broderick.” , consigned She.

The chemistry was immediate and they began a relationship in which they mixed work and daily life, working together on Broadway in 1995. Regarding that time, the protagonist of “The jewel of the family” pointed to The New York Times: “We work together, we eat together, we sleep together, we wake up together, we work together, we eat together, we sleep together …”

Undoubtedly they wanted to spend their lives together and they materialized it in a discreet marriage in May 1997 that was celebrated in a Manhatthan synagogue to which the guests arrived thinking that it was only a party that the couple would give. She wore a black dress with straps and a puffy skirt, while he wore an elegant suit.

A year later, Broderick would cease to be the most famous of the family.

Sex and the City came to life for the Broderick-Parkers

In 1998 Sarah Jessica Parker stepped into Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes and never stepped off the heels of the character who still bears fruit.

The series came to revolutionize the world with a theme that was not usually recognized on television, which was talking about the real life of the single women of the time, who worked, lived day to day with their friends and had partners, stable or casual.

The series was a complete success for HBO in its 6 seasons and for Sarah Jessica its springboard to the major leagues of Hollywood, establishing itself as one of the highest paid actresses of the time, in addition to being nominated for multiple Emmy, SAG and Golden Globe awards. .

The actress took the stage to receive her first Golden Globe, noting: “I have never won anything in my life … I am not a winner”, although the 6 seasons that came said the opposite (as did the 2 Golden Globes that came after).

As the series progressed, the family grew, first it was the first-born of the family, James Wilkie, who was conceived in the middle of the recordings of the fifth season of the series, which only had 8 episodes due to the state of pregnancy of the actress.

Then, the twins Marion and Tabitha would come, who were gestated through a surrogate mother, which again put the couple in the eye of the hurricane and the young woman who helped them in the process to be the target of threats and harassment in order to obtain information regarding pregnancy.

At that time the actress was 44 years old and together with Broderick they tried to have children by the natural method for years, however, they were unsuccessful so they resorted to this option, she stated. The country.

“We did not expect it. I think that after so long you tend not to get your hopes up so as not to be disappointed later. If only one had been an indescribable emotion… Two is a comedy! ”Parker mentioned.

At the same time that Sarah was experiencing success, Matthhew witnessed her career in Hollywood becoming a little more conservative. Some failures like “Inspector Gadget” or “Godzilla”, which was a box office success, but with very bad reviews, did not help the actor to rebound in his career.

From that moment on, he became better known for being “Sarah Jessica Parker’s husband” and his career in Hollywood show business was overshadowed by the brilliant career that his wife paved.

Life in New York

Although he moved away from the big film projects, he never left them completely, he was part of Netflix’s Daybreak, movies like Love is Blind, Lazy Susan or the award-winning Manchester by the sea, he noted.Yahoo!.

The tables were his refuge, specifically Broadway where he returned to work on works such as “The Producers”, which earned him a new Tony Award nomination, “How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying” or “Night Must Fall.”

In 2020 the couple would return to the stage to star in the same success they had in 1995 when they were just one more Hollywood couple. Plaza Suite It was the play that they performed with great success in Boston and that would take them 17 weeks on the Broadway billboard, however, the Covid-19 pandemic said otherwise.

The closing of the stages dampened the plans of the couple who hoped to exhibit the work that Parker described as “A Neil Simon comedy about love, marriage, children and all the absurdities and heartbreak that can occur in the room. 719 ”, indicated The country.

For the closing of New York, the actress mentioned “Broadway will not stand still for long. We will be back. The Rialto will sing again. Times Square will be abuzz with activity. And we’ll be ready to open the swinging doors of the beautiful Hudson Theater and share an afternoon or evening together. We count the days for the posters to light up again. In the meantime, we think of all those affected and hope that everyone is in good health ”.

However, they have not yet managed to fulfill the dream of acting together on the tables, although Sarah Jessica Parker is working on the continuation of her successful series. “And just like that …” is the project that has had her walking through the streets of New York.

For his part, Matthew Broderick has scheduled projects such as “She Came to Me” or the mini-series “Painkiller” that are in post production and do not yet have a release date.

For now, he has only been seen in accompanying his wife for almost 24 years, starring in one of the most stable couples in Hollywood.