What a success! Reese Witherspoon released book inspired by her childhood

Reese Witherspoon released a children’s book inspired by her childhood titled “Busy Betty.” According to the American actress, the publication arose from the idea of ​​writing a story for the little ones with realistic female characters, reported Just Jared.

“From the moment I had a daughter, I have been looking for characters whose self-expression is front and center and wholly portrays the experience of being a girl,” Reese Witherspoon told Good Morning America. the referred site.

‘Busy Betty’ wants to help children believe in themselves and love themselves as they are. In this fun story, Betty has to give her dog a bath before her friend arrives, but that’s easier said than done. With good teamwork and self-confidence, Betty will discover that anything is possible,” said Just Jared.

Achieve what you set out to do

“’Busy Betty’ was born out of my own upbringing. He was always singing, dancing and exploring. I hope that Betty’s curiosity, enthusiasm and sense of adventure will teach our girls that not only can they do anything they set their mind to, but also that by applying creativity, focus and teamwork to their ideas, anything is possible.” said the star of films like “Legally Blonde.”

The artist considers herself a lover of books and reading. “I love humor and great characters, and I find it easier to relate to stories that have a great central character,” she admitted.

That love for texts led Reese Witherspoon to create her own book club, in which she recommends her favorite books on a monthly basis. Although the club tends to pay more attention to works of feminist, romantic or suspense literature, no subject is excluded in the club.

Thanks to this initiative, Reese Witherspoon, 46, became one of the biggest literary influencers in her country and in other countries. the actress of “Sex Games” He said that of the entire children’s literary world, what excites him the most is to see the comments that parents and caregivers make about it.

“They want more diverse stories, they want more complex stories, they want stories that help to enhance and create a constructive conversation with their children. It’s really encouraging,” he noted.

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What a success! Reese Witherspoon released book inspired by her childhood