We celebrate Tobey Maguire’s birthday by remembering his best scenes as Spider-Man

Our dear Tobey Maguire fulfilled 46 years It is June 27th and we celebrate it by revisiting its best moments like Peter Parker. We hope to see you back at Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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5 Forgiveness to Sandman

At the end of Spider-Man 3, when Peter come face to face with Sandman, the man who actually shot and killed his uncle Ben all those years ago, she puts aside her hatred and vengeful rage and forgives him.

Peter hears the story of his enemy and absolves him of his sins. Sorry for your actions, Sandman it turns to dust and flies away, abandoning its criminal ways forever. If we add to this the death of Harry, it becomes quite an exciting ending for a movie that had been making several mistakes.


4 The last conversation with Otto

During the final battle with the Doctor Octopus, Peter must resort to removing his mask to resolve his conflict with Ock and save the city. It’s the only way your former mentor will listen to you.

The impact of discovering that Spider-Man Y Peter Parker they are the same person is enough to convince Octavius That his quest for glory can only end in death and destruction, and he ultimately sacrifices himself to atone for his sins. It is the perfect ending to the best movie of Spidey Until now.


3 The kiss

After effortlessly dispatching a couple of criminals who were chasing her, MJ meets with Spidey for a small talk that ends up leading to one of the most memorable kisses in cinema in recent years.

The scene won the award MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, and then she was honored in Spider-Man 3, where Peter Parker, drunk on public worship, allows Gwen Stacy kiss him during a public event. MJ He doesn’t appreciate the gesture, to say the least.


2 vs Green Goblin

The final fight between Spider-Man Y Green Goblin it has a completely different tone from the rest of the movie. The scene has no music and each hit takes on a different meaning. It is a ruthless and heartwarming battle.

After what Goblin explode a bomb in their face and threaten to kill Mary Jane Slowly and painfully, Peter knocks down a wall above his head. In the end, Osborn tries to kill him with his glider, but Parker gets out of the way at the last minute and Norman ends up committing suicide.


1 The train

This is the greatest moment in the history of Spider-Man at the cinema. Peter fight with him Doctor Octopus in spectacular fashion, and then he has to stop a runaway train from destroying the city, in a scene full of tension and action.

Doc Ock grabs two passengers and throws them off the train, but Peter It catches them and throws them into hastily constructed nets. Later, Otto deactivate the brakes and Spidey he has to use every ounce of his strength to stop the runaway vehicle, which costs him all his energy and collapses without a mask among the people, causing the citizens to try to protect him from the villain.