“We can have favorites”: Catherine Deneuve opens up about her sentimental life

Usually reluctant to talk about her love life, Catherine Deneuve departed from the rule during a recent interview with Elle magazine.

Coming soon to the movie poster In his lifetime – whose shooting has been postponed twice – Catherine Deneuve has recovered from its ischemic stroke. And if she is known to have shared the daily life of several famous men – from Roger Vadim to Pierre Lescure Passing by Marcello Mastroianni and Bertrand de Labbey – she never lifts the veil on her personal life. It is therefore half-word that the immense actress confided in her loves in the columns of the magazine She, hinting that she might be too demanding to find love. “Fall in love in the early teens, yes sure we can“, she began when our colleagues asked her if we could fall in love at any age. What the actress does not believe.”We become more and more critical over time, so that the idealization of the other becomes more and more rare.

But don’t believe that Catherine Deneuve or any other person his age is devoid of any feeling. “We can have crushes, to feel in love. But living a love story that develops over time is something else“, thus develops the main one concerned. And to add:”right now, i would say i’m in limbo.“What annoy the journalist who collected his confidences. But the 78-year-old actress quickly reassured him by specifying that, contrary to the definition of the term “limbo”, she is far from experiencing any pain. “I’m not on the brink of hell! But rather in a state where few decisions take each other and anticipate each other. I am at a crossroads, where my life unfolds completely in the present, happy with each passing day, that’s what I call limbo. ” Everything is explained.

Catherine Deneuve was once married

Love remains the greatest adventure of my life“, she also said. Because Catherine Deneuve never needed marriage to love the men who came into her life, with the exception of David Bailey. Indeed, in 1965, after having lived a romance with the director Roger Vadim – father of her son Christian – she married this British photographer under the eyes of Mick Jagger and Françoise Dorléac, their witnesses. Separated in 1967, their divorce was not granted in 1972. A short marriage which was enough for Catherine Deneuve does not repeat the experience with Marcello Mastroianni, the father of his daughter Chiara. “I do not have never needed the institution of marriage to love“, she assured She.

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“We can have favorites”: Catherine Deneuve opens up about her sentimental life