Water for the elephants (Disney +): the amazing backstage of the love scene between Reese Whitherspoon and Robert Pattinson

In Some water for the elephants, Robert Pattinson discovers the world of the circus. And the passion, in the person of Reese Whitherspoon, pretty rider. However, the filming of the love sequence between the two actors was not really the most glamorous …

The more it goes, the more his career advances, the more Robert Pattinson seems chameleon in his choice of roles. Dark and feverish in The batman which was revealed in August 2020 in an enticing teaser before the shooting was stopped due to the health crisis, the English comedian seems to do everything to move away from his image of a handsome kid revealed by the saga Twilight. Difficult indeed to recognize him as a sea bass in the astonishing The Lighthouse (2019). And to play in Tenet, film event of the summer of 2020, the actor had to lie to the director Christopher Nolan.

In Some water for the elephants, Robert Pattinson discovers the world of the circus

In the drama Some water for the elephants, the handsome Robert appears however very clean. Adapted from a world bestseller, the film features him facing the terrible Christoph Waltz. Robert Pattinson plays Jacob, a young veterinary student thrown onto the roads after the accidental death of his parents, and who accidentally joins the troupe of the Traveling Circus Benzini. At first confined to low-key tasks, he was quickly spotted by August (Christoph Walz), the owner of the circus, who took him under his wing and appointed him chief veterinarian. In daily contact with animals, Jacob discovers August’s tyrannical methods and falls under the spell of Marlene (Reese Witherspoon), the latter’s wife, whose number with horses is the highlight of the show. The confrontation becomes inevitable.

It was green, disgusting“: Reese Whitherspoon Tells Amazing Behind The Scenes Of Her Love Scene With Robert Pattinson

Broken destinies, forbidden love, it’s the waltz of great feelings. With, of course, a love scene between the two heroes, young and sexy. The shooting of this sequence was however anything but glamorous, as Reese Whiterspoon told it in an interview at the time of the release of the film in 2011. According to the actress, his partner was ill at the time of these shots, always particular. . “He was sniffling and snorting every second, and it wasn’t appealing. It was green, infectious, disgusting“. A version corroborated by Robert Pattinson, who admitted to having caught a cold. Ah, the magic of cinema …

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