Was Eiza González with Miley Cyrus’ husband? The truth behind the criticism of the Mexican

Eiza Gonzalez showed his support for Shakira, in the midst of the controversy over his new song towards Gerard Piqué, but she was heavily criticized for allegedly having an affair with Miley Cyrus’ ex-husband when they were still dating.

And it is that several postcards circulated on the internet years ago where he is seen kissing Liam Hemsworth, with whom the Mexican apparently had a rather brief casual relationship and for which they point out that she was “the other”.

However, the protagonist of Baby Driver defended himself on Twitter saying that Those accusations were uncertain, since she was not part of an infidelity, something that did not satisfy Miley’s fans.

But was there really a love triangle between Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus and Eiza González?

The compromising postcards between Liam Hemsworth and Eiza González emerged in September 2013, a few days after the couple announced the end of their engagement after a courtship with many ups and downs. Eiza apparently said goodbye to Liam at an airport prior to her trip to Mexico.

It is speculated that the actor had been unfaithful with other celebrities, such as Amanda Bynes, toYes, it was like their dynamic was very toxic, so they preferred to separate.

Because, For many, the Australian was already with the protagonist of lola, once upon a time before officially ending with Cyrus, while others reproach her, that although her version is that she did not break into that relationship, she agreed to go out with him anyway without respecting that they had recently broken up.

Days before the kissing photographs, they were caught together in Las Vegas accompanied by another group of friends with whom they had fun in the VIP Bungalow club and before that they were also seen by the paparazzi in the parking lot of Eiza’s house.

The controversy spread when presumably the Mexican made fun of Miley making a disgusted gesture when she passed in front of a mannequin wearing the same clothes as the American artistto which she responded by posing together with a mannequin with a horse’s face.

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Was Eiza González with Miley Cyrus’ husband? The truth behind the criticism of the Mexican