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Film critics worldwide place the bets and pitch the possible names of the actors to fill the vacancy of the new agent 007.

Betting started long before the premiere of No time to die, the new film of agent 007, played by Daniel Craig, in his last appearance according to what has been said. It is not the first time that something similar has been presented with the story of Ian Fleming taken to the cinema on 24 occasions (25, if one takes into account No time to die), but there are clues that lead to some names, including a woman’s.

What is known is that the chosen one must have a curriculum vitae that meets the enormous expectations of not only the producers, but also the millions of James Bond fans around the world. Daniel Craig did it thanks to Organized crime, Munich, or his role as Ted Hughes in Sylvia, and the next must meet the intellectual and professional requirements and have a good physique to fill the role of one of the most iconic characters in cinema, characterized by his virility, athletic body and being a “beautiful rooster”.

It is possible that when Craig leaves his role – if it is that … – the Bond franchise undergoes another change in his style, perhaps inspired by the global trend that has gained space in today’s cinema: that of superheroes.

The next James Bond won’t be a woman

The following list of actors is an approximation, no one has called them yet, but film critics have them cleared to play a Bond in an era full of TikTok, streaming and people who jump — out of nowhere — to fame.

Robert Pattinson (35, British)

Robert pattinson Photo: Shutterstock

He is an actor who has developed in three different stages: vampirism, in independent cinema and as one of the most requested actors. His acting versatility has allowed him to get into the skin of various characters. He has an army of followers on social networks and this could be a plus for the new 007. And, as if to justify his appearance as first on this list, there are already conversations between Christopher Nolan, director of Tenet (with Pattinson as the time-jumping detective), and the James Bond franchise. Nolan is known for having experience when it comes to working with actors on multiple projects.

Paul Mescal (25, Irish)

1633151331 975 Wanted for the new James Bond man or woman Who
Paul Mescal, actor Photo: Shutterstock

He is considered one of the most sought-after actors on television thanks to the series Normal People, which became a global audience phenomenon. It is one of the big bets for him to be recruited by MI6. His age opens up possibilities for him to continue in the role of Bond for several years, and like Pierce Brosnan, who was also born in Ireland, his nationality does not separate him from the investiture of the secret agent. His well-toned and exercised body also makes him a great possibility.

Harry Styles (27, British)

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Harry Styles

Why not? The same actor told Hits Radio during an interview: “Yeah, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Bond? I grew up watching Bond. You know, I loved it when I was a kid. So I think, in a way, it’s a bit of everyone’s dream, right? One point against: Styles has only appeared in one movie (Dunkerke, 2017) that, although it is true he achieved three Oscars, the burden to embody Bond is heavier than the one he carried as a soldier in the war tape directed by Christopher Nolan, which becomes a point in Styles’ favor, because Harry had a role that critics praised, and since he already worked with Nolan, he could also enlist in the filmmaker’s intentions. Another additional is that he is the right age to continue playing the agent.

Daniel Craig doesn’t want James Bond to be played by a woman and explains why

Lashana Lynch (33 years old, English)

1633151331 960 Wanted for the new James Bond man or woman Who
Lashana Lynch, actress

She will appear in No time to die in the role of Nomi, thus becoming the first 007 agent of the franchise. We remember her for her role in Captain Marvel like Maria Rambeau. In the trailer of No time to die he tells Daniel Craig that “the world has moved on” since he chose to retire, trading his license and weapons for living by a lake in Jamaica. “You do your thing. If you get in my way, I’ll put a bullet in your knee. In the good”. And, of course, before the announcement that she would be an agent who will rival Craig, she received a good dose of trolling on social networks, to which she replied: “I have nothing to say to the trolls apart from the fact that it is not my problem what they think, they have all the freedom to live according to their truth, as I have the freedom to live with mine ”.

Tom Hardy (44, British)

1633151331 873 Wanted for the new James Bond man or woman Who
Tom Hardy

It has wood and this was confirmed by Pierce Brosnan when last year he said he would like Hardy to “give a spin” to Bond. That’s a pat of good luck. Hardy has an acting background to spare, has a face and physique, in addition to his charisma that attracts people from all over the world. It is possible that, after being Venom, the producers will choose it.

Idris Elba (49, British)

1633151331 738 Wanted for the new James Bond man or woman Who
Idris Elba |

He is already in his 50s and this could work against him, but he has shown that he is an actor for almost every role. He was the first to have fun with the idea of ​​wearing the Walther PPK, just look at the selfie he took with Daniel Craig at the Golden Globes; but after hack that Sony suffered in 2014 and it was leaked that he was in the running for the role, it became clear that he was one of the top favorites.

James Norton (36, British)

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James Norton, actor

It was thanks to the series of the BBC that put him as a tough opponent. He has the bearing (1.85 m), the face and a body that are envious, apart from always dressing elegant – something that must come in addition to looking like Bond. Of course, he does not have much cinematographic experience. Except for a small role in Little women, the film by Greta Gerwig. “It’s crazy. It’s not real. It is pure speculation. I love the franchise and I hope (Bond producer) Barbara Broccoli continues to make it relevant, “Norton told Sunday Times.

Sam Heughan (41, Scottish)

1633151331 514 Wanted for the new James Bond man or woman Who
Sam Heughan, actor

He stands 1.91m tall with a well-sculpted body that left viewers speechless on the show. Outlander, in which he became famous for his great work. He is also remembered for his role in The spy who left me (2018), the comedy by Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon, in which she stepped into the shoes of a very Bond-style secret agent. Age may not help him, but he has the long physique to be tempted by the adventures of 007.

Jack Lowden (31, Scottish)

1633151331 263 Wanted for the new James Bond man or woman Who
Jack Lowden, actor

Recognized in the United Kingdom for his outstanding performances in the theater, radio-theater and cinema. For critics, he has the best options to become the next 007. “I’m a huge fan of Daniel Craig and I don’t think I should stop,” Lowden told GP. “The issue of Bond’s age is a brilliant idea, and I think we should go to Daniel’s 85 years.” His experience was reflected in Dunkerque And he doesn’t leave the house without wearing a good tailored suit, and he knows how to show it off.

Richard Madden (35, Scottish)

1633151331 77 Wanted for the new James Bond man or woman Who
Richard Madden, actor Photo: Shutterstock

Rose to fame in 2011 for his portrayal of Robb Stark in the first three seasons of the famous series Game of ThronesBut this would not be enough to fill Craig’s vacancy. Possible, but unlikely. In May 2020 the actor said that it was something doable, that he was flattered to be one of the candidates for the position, but that he really did not really believe that he was going to take it.

Tom Hiddleston (40, British)

1633151331 92 Wanted for the new James Bond man or woman Who
Tom Hiddleston, actor

Actor of remembered and powerful roles. In an interview for the magazine Empire for the promotion of the series Loki, He responded about the possibility of being James Bond as has been rumored, but it seems that he has no knowledge about it and has not wanted to feed these rumors. Hiddleston has commented that they have not told him anything about it: “No one has told me about it,” he told Graham Norton in 2018.

Henry Cavill (38, British)

1633151331 884 Wanted for the new James Bond man or woman Who
Henry Cavill

He has played characters so iconic and desired by an actor such as Superman, Sherlock Holmes or Geralt de Rivia in The Witcher. However, the emblematic role that eluded him in his day was that of James Bond, when he was 21 years old, when he was still making a dent in the industry, but those responsible for the saga rejected him because his body did not fit with him. Agent 007’s name. Cavill’s name has been around the Bond universe for over a decade: he was chosen by the director of Casino Royale, Martin Campbell, to succeed Pierce Brosnan, but lost to Daniel Craig as too young at 23. “I would love to be given the opportunity, and if they asked me, I would say yes,” he said excitedly in 2018.

Damian Lewis (50, English)

1633151331 318 Wanted for the new James Bond man or woman Who
Actor Damian Lewis. Photo: Shutterstock

Homeland made the redhead one of the most likely candidates, but he’s already in his fifties. However, his roles in some films give him good chances and, in addition, the support of the famous English footballer Adam Lallana when he christened Lewis “the next James Bond.”

George Mackay (29, British)

1633151331 509 Wanted for the new James Bond man or woman Who
George Mackay, actor Photo: Shutterstock

Thanks to his impeccable performance in 1917, de Sam Mendes (COM)Spectre and Skyfall), and other roles, is a fan favorite to replace Daniel Craig. He is handsome, elegant, talented and very English. His somewhat youthful appearance does not help him, but who knows, the idea is to rejuvenate the franchise and give the character a Kingsman touch without losing the elegance.

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