Vincent Cassel & Tina Kunakey: “The only #couplegoal is to get to stay together and be happy” – Marie Claire Belgium

At 54, Vincent Cassel has appeared in nearly a hundred films. From blockbusters to author films. The role of top model had hitherto been foreign to her. With his wife, Tina Kunakey, a 24-year-old French model, he took the plunge. And following the concept created by the brand The Kooples, they both agreed to exhibit their couple for an advertising campaign.

Morgane Lay

Is your involvement in this brand the first and only professional project you have in common?

VINCENT CASSEL : I hope not. I like working with her. I don’t have much to do with fashion but I find it nice to share something with her on a professional level. We do jobs where we work a lot and we are all the time on the right and left, having professional adventures allows us to find ourselves.

Until then, Vincent, how was your relationship with fashion?

V.C. : Distant and sporadic. I don’t dress enough in life to be a fashion victim.
TINA KUNAKEY: I do it for him! (Laughs.)

Tina, will you pick her clothes?

T.K. : I try but he doesn’t really like it. For me, choosing my outfits is a real pleasure.
V.C. : What is more superficial, fashion or cinema? I find that in the cinema, there are a lot of superficial things. From time to time, we come up with more invested things but this is rare. Sometimes I have the impression that it lacks thought.

Vincent Cassel & Tina Kunakey

Morgane Lay

Vincent, you have two costume films, Asterix and Obelix, The Middle Empire and The Three Musketeers, which will be released in 2022. When you try on your characters’ costumes, that’s when you really feel your feelings. roles?

V.C. : I do not know.
T.K. : But you like to try on costumes for your movies. You prefer that to fittings for a show.
V.C. : You know why ? Because in fashion, you have to be beautiful. It is rare that we dress to be ugly. Whereas in the cinema, it goes both ways. For example, I have chicken thighs. And to play Julius Caesar, I highlighted them. This ridiculous aspect appeals to me for the role. What I like about cinema costumes is that we have to use what we have or what we lack to go in the direction of the character.

Tina, are you drawn to the cinema?

T.K. : Not at the moment. What I notice about Vincent is that he is usually impatient when his job requires a lot of patience.
V.C. : In the cinema, I am impatient too. For me, it has to go very quickly. Besides, when I’m on a set, we finish on time. I think it’s the actors who set the pace. And if they don’t, it relaxes.

Vincent Cassel & Tina Kunakey

Morgane Lay

Expose your relationship through a advertising campaign for a brand fashion, was it easy or on the contrary, the result of a discussion between you?

T.K. : It was very easy, especially since we worked with a photographer, Morgane Le Lay, who is a close friend. We did it like a road trip.
V.C. : I think it was quite cheeky of The Kooples to choose us. And then, there is an aspect that we do not talk about much: it’s work! We work, we earn our living.

During the lockdown, did you say to yourself that it was the end of a professional or personal cycle and that we would have to reinvent ourselves afterwards?

T.K. : Me, I always wonder what I’m going to do next. On this point, the lockdown has not changed anything. This was doubtless more acute.
V.C. : In my job, we don’t necessarily know what’s going to happen and I like this notion. I tend to leave it open and wait for the surprise of the next project. And it works very well like that. It’s the encounters that make me reinvent myself or not.

Vincent Cassel & Tina Kunakey

Morgane Lay

At the moment, there is a lot of talk about “degenerating fashion”. What do you think ?

V.C. : I have the impression that it has already been done with androgynous models. Back in the days of the Velvet Underground, that was already the case. Today, we are bringing it up to date with a new term. It’s a fashion thing to recycle because you have to recycle.

What are your #couplegoals? What goals do you want to accomplish as a couple?

V.C. : The baby, there it is.
T.K. : The wedding, we did it.
V.C. : I feel like the only #couplegoal is getting to stay together and be happy. After that, the rest, I feel like it’s Instagram stuff. It is to make “young people”.

It’s important to be or to appear “young”, isn’t it?

V.C. : Today, we have no choice. We are in a world where everyone advocates the acceptance of the other, we denounce grossophobia, we defend the idea that we are all brothers and sisters but, the old people, we don’t like them. I feel like it’s the only thing you can hit without getting hurt.

It’s ageism, in fact.

V.C. : Yes, it is not frowned upon at all. I think all old people should join hands and create a movement.

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Vincent Cassel & Tina Kunakey: “The only #couplegoal is to get to stay together and be happy” – Marie Claire Belgium