Vin Diesel: Fast and Furious actor has also participated in these 10 films

Vin Diesel He has become one of the most sought-after actors in the film industry and one of the most famous due to his high level of acting. This has earned him to be the protagonist of the franchise “Fast and Furious” which is one of the highest grossing in the world.

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Although, at present, he is recognized for being one of the most representative figures of “Fast and Furious”, the actor has also known how to perform in other productions.


Vin Diesel He was born in the United States and is currently 54 years old. He did not demonstrate his high level of acting from an early age, as among the jobs he previously performed was as a nightclub doorman in USA. As he spent the early mornings guarding the entrance of these venues, he kept planning how to be a Hollywood actor because acting was his passion.

He spent a decade with that job, while looking to finance his film projects, because he couldn’t get him to be hired in a role. For this reason, he kept raising money in what he was doing at that time.


10. STRAYS (1997)

The actor Wine Diesel starred in the crime drama “Strays” where he played a great drug dealer known as Rick. There he tries to get out of his repetitive lifestyle. The production was set in New York. In the film you can see what the character’s relationship is with the city and how he seeks a new life.

This is the actor’s debut in the world of cinema and it showed his dramatic prowess.


In this film, Vin Diesel plays Shroom, one of Billy Lynn’s commanding officers whose setting is war. He is a 19-year-old who returned home after a brief period after the war in Iraq. In this film the actor worked with a great cast of actors such as Kristen Stewart, Chris Tucker and Steve Martin.

8. A MAN APART (2003)

Vin Diesel Again he plays a great character again and it is a DEA agent who seeks revenge against a drug dealer after his wife is murdered by the criminal gang. In that film you can see a sense of humanity of the character.

Films where the actor Vin Diesel has participated (Photo: IMDB)


This could be considered as a prequel to the movie “Fast & Furious”, because in Los Badoleros you can see impressive car chases. This is how Dominic Toretto and his crew are seen stealing oil tankers from the Dominican Republic.

6. BOILER ROOM (2000)

It is one of the films whose story is about money, that is how Sala de Calderas is about the great exploration of the great American dream and greed. You can also see Giovanni Ribisi who plays a college dropout who becomes an ally of a brokerage accused of corruption to get quick money.


This is another movie about the mafia and here you see the story of what the children of people involved with the mafia go through. One of these children is Vin Diesel who along with three other young men are the descendants of the main gangsters of Brooklyn. But they also decide to meddle in the affairs of the city which is ruled by a corrupt sheriff.

4. FIND ME GUILTY (2006)

This is considered an unconventional biographical film that tells the story of the gangster Jackie DiNorsico who, after being indicted on several fraud charges, asks to be allowed to be his own defense in the trial he faces and which is the longest in the United States. United.

Here Vin Diesel is the protagonist and is observed to manifest witty phrases, as well as an arrogant personality.


This is an action fantasy movie in which you participate Vin Diesel, where he is also the main character of the film. Diesel’s Kaulder relies on his skills and vast experience to face and defeat a plague before it destroys the world.

Actors like Elijah Wood and Michael Caine also participate in this production.


In this film he again gives a new opportunity to Vin Diesel to show his voice in this animated format, something seen in The Iron Giant and Groot. In this film you can also see Keith David, considered a master of voice acting.


On Multifacial the actor Vin Diesel demonstrates his great acting skills. This film has a satirical look at the process that takes place in movie castings. The actor plays a multiracial character who gets frustrated with his struggles and wants to get his big shot. Unfortunately for them, in the film, the directors just want the characters to conform to cultural stereotypes.

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