Viggo Mortensen will direct his second film, a romantic western

After fallingViggo Mortensen will direct The Dead Don’t Hurthis second film in which he will also play.

It is well known, actors and actresses love to go behind the camera. Recently, we had the right to A Star is Born of Bradley Cooper certainly, but also to get-out, Jordan Peele’s first film after a long comedy career. In 2021, the American-Danish actor Viggo Mortensen creates the surprise with fallinghis very first film, which was also selected at Cannes.

After having played for Brian De Palma, Ridley Scott, Gus Van Sant and of course for Peter Jackson in the trilogy The Lord of the Ringsthe actor has therefore signed his first production and is now preparing to repeat the experience with The Dead Don’t Hurta western set in the 1860s.


The first role was entrusted to the fabulous Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread), who will play Vivienne Le Coudy, an independent French-Canadian who embarks on a love affair with Dane Holger Olsen, played by Mortensen. After Holger leaves for the war, Vivienne finds herself having to deal with an increasingly awkward situation with a corrupt neighbor on her own. The media Deadline reports the words of the director in relation to his film:

“My goal is to do justice to the story of a particularly resilient woman living in an archaic, isolated country in the southwestern United States in the 1860s. The idea is not simply that a woman plays lead role in a western, but drives the plot with her fiercely uncompromising nature. We are very fortunate to have the talented Vicky Krieps in the role and, with the help of the superb cast we assembled thanks to Talipot Studio, we hope to do justice to his exemplary life.”

Bodice: Photo Vicky KriepsWe want Vicky Krieps everywhere, all the time

The rest of the cast also includes Solly McLeod, Tom Bateman, Danny Huston, Garret Dillahunt, Lance Henriksen and W. Earl Brown. The photography was entrusted to Marcel Zyskind, who has already taken care of the image of Falling. Viggo Mortensen therefore directs, but he also wrote the screenplay and he also officiates as a producer.

According Deadline, filming is set to begin this October in Canadaso we can hope to find The Dead Don’t Hurt late next year or early 2024.

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Viggo Mortensen will direct his second film, a romantic western