VIDEOS | This was the time that Salma Hayek fell in love with Ricardo Arjona

It was an instant on the road where the two met. Ricardo, with his peculiar style to compose and interpret and Salma, always beautiful and captivating from the beginning, this time she was captivated by the talent of the Guatemalan singer-songwriter. She was already a recognized figure who left Mexico to succeed in Hollywood; He, on the other hand, had released albums that sold hundreds of thousands of copies and stood out as that creator that you loved or hated, but he did not go unnoticed.

And so it was for Salma. For an instant that perhaps did not last so long that it was clearly reflected in her gaze and reaction, the Mexican chose to love the man. man from Central America and catch his song and ability to create stories that challenged rhyme and meter.

Hayek and Arjona coincide with Don Francisco

The year was 1997 and both were recognized figures in their work. Therefore, they were part of the body of guests that Don Francisco had for his Giant and You program. Thus, each one in his talent, the opportunity appeared for him to Ricardo Arjona will go on stage and interpret a song.

The chosen one was “Do you remember me”, song belonging to his album “If the North Were the South”, published in 1996 and from which songs like “Me Enseñaste”, “Tú” or “Se nos muere el amor” are best remembered.

Salma falls in love with her singing

With the security you have always had, Arjona walked to the stage chair, cHe spoke a few words with the public and was accompanied by his musicians to interpret the song. At the same time, the recording of the program made several takes at the same time. salma hayek face, who was as a guest and reacted to his performance with surprise and delightstaring at the singer and releasing some cute and nervous smiles.

It is difficult to know if instant love or deep admiration arose, what is a fact is that Salma and her perfect face fell in love with Ricardo Arjona’s voice in an instant that lasted just over 4 minutes and was reproduced for eternity.


Salma Hayek dazzles the net with a pronounced neckline and transparencies

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VIDEOS | This was the time that Salma Hayek fell in love with Ricardo Arjona