Video | when Vincent Cassel takes on the tidal bore in a funny way near Libourne

Video when Vincent Cassel takes on the tidal bore

October 25, 2022

Vincent Cassel was passing through the region at the end of September and took the opportunity to surf the famous tidal bore, but in a not trivial way. The actor also took the opportunity to combine several pleasures of life and in particular in a famous wine estate.

June to October the tidal bore is mainly surfed on the Dordogne or the Garonne. Many people take this giant, fast wave that can be surfed for several minutes. Among these riders we could see a certain Vincent Cassel. The actor was present at the end of September in the Libournais to tame the wave on a foil, a kind of board with an electric motor with a fin placed below which allows you to fly over the water. A practice that the son of Jean-Pierre Cassel particularly likes for having practiced it both in the Basque Country and in Brazil.

Good times in Fronsac

I think foiling is the stunning and natural evolution of surfing and board sports in general. No more drag, you go faster than water, you are as fast as a dolphin. You ride on parts of the wave in which you would never have dreamed of dipping your fins. It’s crazy the possibilities it offers and we’re only at the beginning “says on this subject the actor faithful to the Takuma brand, born in Lille in 2018 and which has since become a reference.

In a video published on his social networks, which beautifully highlights this part of Libourne, Vincent Cassel therefore takes pleasure in taking the tidal bore surrounded by surfers Chipri Courde and Léo-Paul Etienne. A walk between land and vineyards which passes precisely by the Château de La Dauphine.

The famous wine estate located in Fronsac had the opportunity to welcome the key player of Hatred. ” It was perfect. What a good time” remembers the one we will see next in “Asterix and Obelix, the Middle Kingdom“, the highly anticipated new production by Guillaume Canet also featuring the Lot-et-Garonne brothers Bigflo & Oli.

What a beautiful video! Like in a dream ! “Can we read among the many comments envying the father of the little Amazon, born in 2019 from a union with Tina Kunakey.

Wine, surfing, friends… Vincent Cassel will remember his visit to Gironde!

[Jérôme Martin-Castéra – photo : capture d’écran Instagram]

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Video | when Vincent Cassel takes on the tidal bore in a funny way near Libourne