Victory At Any Cost – Rachel Griffiths – review

Résumé : Michelle Payne (Teresa Palmer), the last of ten siblings, has always lived surrounded by horses. The whole family works in the field under the rule of the father, a widower (Sam Neill) who practices a rigorous education.

Critique : This feature film is based on a recent true story that took place in Australia. The real Michelle Payne is the first female jockey to win the prestigious Melbourne Cup in 2015. The story, tailored to appeal to a teenage audience, is classic and loaded with good feelings. From the start, we know that the young woman will realize her dream of winning first place in this race known to be reserved for men only.

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The film stands out for its strong feminist position. Indeed, in some sports, success for girls is strewn with pitfalls, this will be the case for Michelle: her father does not really believe in her, who already does not listen to her advice, and spends his time repairing problems. fractures due to his numerous falls. As for the breeders and trainers, they swear by the male jockeys and the infrastructure of the racetracks. They are not particularly prepared to welcome women. Her fellow boys do not give her any gifts, and even go so far as to accuse her of cheating in order to have her downgraded. For the rest, we are witnessing a nice feel good movie, the light of which nonetheless insists a little too much on idyllic colors reminiscent of postcards.

Note that one of Michelle’s brothers, Stevie, suffering from Down’s syndrome, plays his own role.

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