June 19, 2021

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Very elegant! Chris Hemsworth’s new campaign for a renowned brand – The Intranews

Very elegant Chris Hemsworths new campaign for a renowned brand

UNITED STATES.- In addition to being a prestigious actor, Chris Hemsworth has served as a model on several occasions. Usually, for brands with a great weight worldwide. One of his favorites, with which he has collaborated on more than one occasion is Boss. He even once shared a photo on his Instagram, where you can see one of their advertisements for this brand, in Milan.

This morning, Chris Hemsworth He shared a short video of his latest collaboration with the renowned perfume brand on his Instagram profile. In this publication, the interpreter of Thor wears an elegant black suit, while playing with a soccer ball. The video is shown in black and white, and finally one of Hugo Boss’s renowned perfumes appears.

In the footer of the publication, he gave some details about these new products, advertising them. “I’m sure that most people have a big problem when they wear a suit, and that is that they are not able to spontaneously jump into playing soccer, or playing ball games. Well I’m sure those days are over ”he wrote Chris Hemsworth.

Then, he went on to tell that the new line of women’s suits Hugo bossThey are comfortable, stylish and stretchy, so they can participate in any sport that arises. In addition, it clarifies the advantage that you can use that same outfit to go to dinner later. He also didn’t forget to mention the classic Boss perfume, which appears at the end of the video. He referred to this video as #SuitChallenge.

The video reached more than two and a half million views in 13 hours, and more than 3,500 comments. Within these, Rudhrak jaiswal, Chris’s partner in “Extraction” He wrote: “@Boss you made soccer more fun!” This is a great advertising method for the brand, as the older Hemsworth has nearly 50 million followers on Instagram.