Uncoupled on Netflix: Neil Patrick Harris chose the photo of his penis himself

Neil Patrick Harris stars in the Uncoupled series on Netflix and plays a single forty-something who tries to chain dating via apps, “dick pic” in support. Ex Barney Stinson had his say for the photo.

Known for his roles as the gifted doctor in Doctor Doogie, the womanizer Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother and the Machiavellian Count Olaf in The Disastrous Adventures of the Baudelaire Orphans, Neil Patrick Harris is back to star in a new series.

In Uncoupled, available on Netflix, he plays Michael, a real estate agent who thought his life was perfect. But after seventeen years together, his companion Colin (Tuc Watkins) leaves him. Here is Michael, in his late fifties, dumped on the New York singles market.

Created by Jeffrey Richman and Darren Star, this bittersweet romantic comedy is in line with Sex and the City and offers a sparkling, tender and stylized story, which does not escape a few clichés. In the series, the character of Neil Patrick Harris registers on a dating app and he will have to learn the new codes of seduction online and in real life.

Neil Patrick Harris chose his dick pic

Thus, Michael finds that potential partners have the same request, that of a “dick pic”, that is to say a photo of a penis. On the advice of his friends, he complies and takes a photo of his penis, which unfortunately ends up in his professional visuals of apartments.

During a meeting with a client, he stealthily swipes over this private snapshot. You should know that the photo was carefully chosen by Neil Patrick Harris. This is what the actor confided to Page Six at the series premiere party:

“Not only did I have a say, but I was asked to choose said penis, which is harder than you might think, no pun intended.”

Screenshot / Netflix

At first, the teams considered taking “a flabby latex phallus that was left in [la] lodge” by Neil Patrick Harris. Finally, the actor looked at a good number of photos “of people who had taken photos of their penises in the locker room”.

In any case, the research was funny for the actor, as he confided to Them : “It was fun sending photos to producers with a message like, ‘What do you think of this penis?'” The result, very furtive, is quite satisfactory for the actor, who will have put his heart into the work.

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Uncoupled on Netflix: Neil Patrick Harris chose the photo of his penis himself