Uncoupled: Neil Patrick Harris and the adventure of being single in New York


No need to let us know Darren Star is behind the nice and very “aesthetic” comedy “mismatched” (“Uncoupled”) that Netflix premiered a few days ago. Fabulous views of New York, chic music, fashionably dressed people with somewhat superficial issues but racy, effective dialogue. Traces of the creator of “Sex and the City” and “Emily in Paris” are everywhere.

Although it can be said that the man repeat formulasit must also be admitted that works for your goal: train and have a good time. And the great difference is made by its protagonist, Neil Patrick Harriswhich puts everything to this story of conflicted loves and midlife crisis in a group of gay friends in their forties.

Michael is a real estate agent whose orderly life suffers a setback when he is abandoned by his husband after 17 years, just during the lavish surprise birthday party he had organized for him. From that moment, and throughout 8 half hour episodesthe protagonist will deal with the bewilderment, the pain of loss and the worst: returning to the singles market in today’s dizzying times.

The protagonist suffers from the end of his marriage.

The situations are as expected but fun. Michael enters the world Grindr (What Tinder, but more sailed) and feels lost, weighed down by the levity of modern relationships. As she tries to spy on his ex’s new life and get used to being alone, she leans on his friends who are trying the obvious: get him to party and have lots of casual sex.

“As a gay man, I thought it was cool to have representative content on a streaming platform like Netflix,” the actor told the Los Angeles Times. “I thought it was something that hadn’t necessarily been done before, and I was honored to be asked to be a part of it.“, said the winner of five Emmy awards.

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Michael’s friends will try to cheer him up.

Harris, who gained popularity with his work on the series “How I Met Your Mother”exhibits here his histrionics. From the near depression for being alone and the useless search for “reasons” that explain this abandonment, go to euphoria of easily getting sex with younger men, and then turns to alcohol and admits that inside he is falling apart.

Harris, 49, is married to actor and chef David Burkawith whom he has two children. “I started dating a lot later than most, and when I started dating, everything went pretty well. I don’t have a lot of relationship wounds,” said.

“I’ve been with David for 18 years, and once we started, we never really stopped being together,” he said, for which he considers that “in a very strange and altered version of my reality, this was an exciting role because it touched and brought emotions that I had not felt, that I hope not to feel, but that I had to feel” concluded.


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Uncoupled: Neil Patrick Harris and the adventure of being single in New York