Uber: the less battery you have on your phone, the more your trip will cost you … And it’s proven!

The less battery you have, the more you will pay for your uber trip!

Uber has revolutionized the way we travel. In a few minutes, our trip is ordered and we can enjoy a peaceful journey without confronting the world in transport. What we appreciate is the cost of journeys which are attractive, what we like on the other hand is the variation of these for according to our battery percentage. Yes, yes, you read that right. If we knew that the price of a ride could change depending on the time of day and demand, we did not expect it to also fluctuate depending on our battery level.

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Higher prices for an uncharged phone

If you take two phones with different battery levels and order the same ride, you will see that the price will be completely different. According to Keith Chen, the director of research and development of the application, this difference is explained, because a person with low battery will be less inclined to wait for prices to drop. On the contrary, a person with a battery can afford to wait ten or twenty minutes to find a trip at the most advantageous price possible. Clearly, she will choose the first option offered because of her urgent need to find a solution to move. If this explanation seems plausible, there is still a small point to clarify. For two journeys compared with different battery levels, the prices did not change much. On the other hand, once the battery saving mode was activated on the phone having the least, there the game has changed. Indeed, forever the same journey, at the same time, the price has increased on the phone without battery. We are not talking here of a few cents, but of two or three euros extra. It may not seem important, but we are intrigued by this phenomenon. The application would use data from our smartphone to know when we switch to energy saving mode and therefore offer us higher prices. Despite all the evidence of this price difference depending on our battery level, Keith Chen claims that Uber’s algorithm that manages dynamic pricing does not use this data to charge more “we absolutely do not use them to raise prices but it is interesting psychological information about human behavior“.

Conclusion, the trick to booking your Uber at the best price is either to have the battery or not to activate the energy saving mode so as not to pay for your trip more expensive than what you owe!


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