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it is not a surprise Sylvester Stallone was able to win hearts around the world as a hard-on-his-luck boxer Rocky in 1976. The role, which resonated with so many for its universal theme of maintaining hope in times of endless darkness, earned him international acclaim and true legendary status. Stallone’s real life story from rags to riches made Rocky all the more compelling. In 2018, the Italian stallion closed the door on one of his most definitive roles yet with a final reprisal of the legendary character in the sequel to Rocky spin-off movie Creedwhich features Michael B. Jordan as the son of Rocky’s best friend, Apollo Creed. Now audiences are preparing to see a new side to Hollywood legend as mob tycoon Dwight Manfredi, in king of tulsa.

After giving up his freedom and serving a heavy 25-year prison sentence for the greater good of his mob family, Dwight is welcomed with open arms…and exiled from the Big Apple to Tulsa, Oklahoma to settle down. Realizing his blood brothers may not have his best interests at heart, Dwight seeks to make his presence known as he builds his own criminal empire.

king of tulsa showrunner Terence Winter hinted that the character will explore different shades of Stallone than audiences have already witnessed. “You’re going to see colors in him that you’ve never seen,” Winter told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m really excited for people to see how funny, charming and emotional he is. He has to do things in this series. which he never did, ever. Unsurprisingly, it was imperative for Winter to find a new path in the mob drama genre given his previous mass success with the mobster epic. The Sopranos – a show that to this day is hailed as a cult classic of the genre. winter rented Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan for bringing together two genres – western and gangster – creating a “new path into familiar territory”.

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Stallone’s character feels like an extension of Winter and Sheridan’s new take on mob classics. The award-winning actor is no stranger to playing a character with depth and it seems the experience had an undeniable influence on the evolution of his mobster counterpart. “In the original concept, Dwight was a rogue,” Stallone explained. “A tough, strong guy. His name was like Tony or Sal – that sort of thing. Then we started adding things like, how do you introduce sentimentality into this? It’s about the journey. It’s the inability to be recognized or taken seriously, or pride or hope – that sort of thing.

Creator of Tulsa King Sheridan, whose impressive list of references includes Against all odds, is at the proverbial helm of the action-packed crime drama. He is also an executive producer on the project alongside Winter and Stallone. Garrett Hedlund, Andrea Sauvage, Martin Star, Jay Will, Max Casella and Dominique Lombardozzi are among the stars set to appear in Paramount+ series against Stallone.

king of tulsa premieres on Paramount+ on November 13. You can watch a trailer for the show here.

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Tulsa King Showrunner Says Viewers Will See A New Side Of Sylvester Stallone – CNET – ApparelGeek