Troy: the significant injury suffered by Brad Pitt on the set

Injured on the set of Troy by Wolfgang Petersen, Brad Pitt shares a part of the fate reserved for his character, Achille. Back to an incredible irony, which paralyzed the production of the film released in 2004.

With its imperial cast, its debauchery of effects and its bombastic tone, Troy, by Wolfgang Petersen remains without a doubt one of the last Hollywood peplums to have left its mark on the industry. Tracing in a very free adaptation the epic story of The Iliad of Homer, the blockbuster released in 2004 achieved a nice score at the box office with over $497 million in revenue. Besides the music of James Horner (titanic, Avatar) and some memorable fights, it is above all the performance of brad pitt in Achilles retained by the spectators. Salient muscles and a tan of rigor, the actor had to abandon the filming of The Fountain of Darren Aronofsky for dedicating himself body and soul to the project. Because Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband did not just put on armor, and invested himself in a drastic six-month trainingtaming the rudiments of ancient combat for its very physical scenes.

Ironically, the star was injured during filming. And not just anywhere, since brad pitt has been hit in the heel, just like the warrior he embodies. In the epic, Achilles, son of King Peleus and Thetis, a Nereid (sea nymph), dies as a legendary hero of the Trojan War, hit by an arrow in his heel, his only weak point. If the versions differ, the most popular is that the young Achilles was plunged by his mother into the Styx, the river of the Underworld, in order to make him an invulnerable being. His whole body was submerged, except the heel, by which the nymph held him. Brad Pitt will therefore have taken his role to heart until he shares the same weakness as his character. A “stupid irony“, he will say on the sidelines of the film’s release. With one detail, since the actor would have injured his Achilles tendon, and not his heel itself, a name nevertheless very appropriate. This injury will have paralyzed production for several weeks.

Brad Pitt regrets his role in Troy: “It drove me crazy”

Despite the success of Troythe star of fight club recently admitted that she was not in tune with the project. In 2019, Brad Pitt confided in the New York Times on his disappointment a posteriori at having had to accept Wolfgang Petersen’s film: “I had to do Troy because – I guess I can say this now – I had dropped another movie. So I had to do something for the studio in return. So I was put in Petersen’s movie. It wasn’t a painful experience, but I understood that the film was going in a different direction than the one I would have liked to see. […] I couldn’t leave the shoot in the middle. It was driving me crazy.“. A more than mixed look at his experience, which he then clarifies: “This is not an insult to Wolfgang Petersen. […] But somehow, Troy has become a kind of commercial product. Every shot was like saying ‘Here comes the hero!’ There was no mystery.“, he explained. This disappointment will have subsequently pushed the actor to make a turning point in his career: “It was at this time that I made the decision to invest myself only in quality worksfor lack of a better term., adds Brad Pitt. This no doubt explains the abundance of auteur films in his recent filmography.

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Troy: the significant injury suffered by Brad Pitt on the set