“Triple Alliance”: an eventful return for Cameron Diaz

To be found this Saturday in “Triple Alliance”, the 50-year-old blonde has just come out of a retirement of almost ten years with a filming that was done in pain.

Proposed this Saturday by RTL Plug, the comedy “Triple Alliance” stars Cameron Diaz, whose character, the lawyer Carly, realizes that her boyfriend, Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), is married. Against all expectations, she takes a liking to his wife, Kate (Leslie Mann), and discovers with her that their darling has a third lover, Amber (Kate Upton). These three rejected women will soon join forces and prepare the most bitter revenge.

This Nick Cassavetes film collected 200 million euros – five times its bet – in 2014, the year at the end of which Cameron Diaz announced that he would stop his job. Yes, after playing Miss Hannigan in an uninspired version of “Annie”, the pretty blonde wanted to take care of her personal life and market wine with her company Avaline. A year later, she married Benji Madden, the guitarist of the group Good Charlotte, and on December 30, 2019, was born by surrogate mother their little Raddix.

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Jamie Foxx hospitalized

The actress, who celebrated her half-century on August 30, could have continued to have peaceful days, but her friend Jamie Foxx, who was her partner in “Sunday Hell” and “Annie” (precisely ), convinced her to return to business. And if she said yes, it’s first of all because she would give him back the line in the project he was proposing to her. This is “Back in Action”, a film that we imagine muscular and which will be available on Netflix. We know that Glenn Close and Kyle Chandler are also on his poster, but nothing has filtered on his story. On the other hand, the whole world is aware that his filming, completed at the end of April, experienced a lot of turmoil.

It was delayed by bad weather, but above all by two more serious situations. The first is to be conditional: a member of the team was fired because he allegedly tried to extract nearly 40,000 euros in cash from Jamie Foxx. Furthermore, Foxx allegedly freaked out on set and fired an executive producer, an assistant director, a unit director and his own driver. The 55-year-old actor was terribly stressed while making this film, a state that would have taken him to the hospital in Atlanta on April 12, eight days from the last clapperboard. “Severe medical complication”: these are the words that were delivered to the press to define what he suffered. Fortunately, a few hours after the incident, his daughter Corinne announced on Instagram that he was on the mend. The stunt doubles who briefly replaced him went home, and he finished the film.

All these setbacks obviously give a sulphurous side to this one, directed by Seth Gordon, to whom we owe in particular “How to kill your boss? and the recent series “The Night Agent”. In December, it was reported that a sequel to the famous “The Holiday” (2006) is in the works, where Cameron, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black will reprise their roles. Ad denied by director Nancy Meyers and Kate Winslet. Time will tell !

“Triple Alliance”, May 13, 8:15 p.m., RTL plug.

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“Triple Alliance”: an eventful return for Cameron Diaz