June 9, 2021

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Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

Arnold Scwarzenegger is one of the most complex and charismatic personalities and figures in the world of cinema, Arnold’s story is undoubtedly material to carry out a successful motivational and even Oscar-winning biopic.

Science fiction, action, comedy, fantasy and even drama, there is no doubt that we are talking (along with Stallone), of one of the figures and legends of action par excellence, an icon of American culture, society and politics.

Here are his 5 best films:

5 – Kindergarten Cop (Reitman, 1990)

Arnold’s comic ability gave him to star in several of the 90s classics of television filler, such as Junior (Golden Globe nomination), The Promised Gift or The last great hero (this is lousy), however his humorous pinnacle was like a detective infiltrated in a kindergarten, denoting in a very natural way the chemistry of the Gobernator with the scoundrels and other intruders. Reitman prints a solvent rhythm and through the unbalanced stereotype of an action hero turned into a “civilian mortal” (a role that all the other figurines had to play at the time) he causes some hilarious sequences both in the dialogues and in the physical gags.

4 – True Lies (Cameron, 1994)

Forgotten and hilarious comedic action film that occurred just before Cameron lost his mind to Titanic. Although the use of doubles is more than notorious in some action scenes (it really is obvious to the point of ridiculous), here Arnold’s goal is to build together with Jamie Lee Curtis a hilarious marital conflict around a high-level spy who hides his life to his family. Like a fish in water and with both styles in what feels most comfortable, the bodybuilder offers a relaxed and even tender role as a jealous husband worried about the sexual neglect he did with his partner. Of course the dance scene is unforgettable, as well as the appearance of Bill Paxton and even the cameo of Charlton Heston

3 – Total Recall (Verhoeven, 1990)

Classic of science fiction, with touches of noir and aesthetic violence that Verhoeven loves, the Canadian director and the Austrian actor immediately connected since Arnold did the casting to be Robocop, a role that he would have to put aside for reasons of his great physique (the suit did not fit). The relationship of admiration that arose between the two as a consequence and from this film is notorious, as Arnold not only took charge of the media bid and the director selection, but also under the command of Verhoeven offers a “double performance” with the minimal histrionic effort but with double the charisma, thus causing one of the great, fun and darkest space adventures

2 – Predator (McTiernan, 1987)

Classic of two genres, the charisma and presence of Arnold together with the simple but effective script, the graphic violence, the soundtrack and a couple of unforgettable lines, are enough elements to bring about the great duel between two species: an alien hunter and a mercenary with more muscles than accent. Without a doubt and outside of the stiff Conan and his Terminator, this would be the first total histrionic appearance for Arnold, confirming not only as the heroic action figure, but also making a difference with his partner and competition Stallone, because while he would address more dramatic characters and “dark”, Arnold in a certain way would handle characters with more humor or certainly picturesque (and without a doubt with greater charisma)

1 – The Terminator and T2: Judgment Day (Cameron, 1984 and 1991)

Not his best but certainly his most iconic and well-known role, The T800 would give him not only the opportunity to demonstrate a dual role, villain and hero (let’s just focus on these two and forget everything else), but also to channel his best acting record. : that of a robot without expressions. With the first Terminator, his stiff accent and monstrous presence have the desired effect: threat and terror; In the second part, his imposing figure would not be lessened, but putting aside the antagonism, Arnold would return in a masterful and inexpressive way to several of the great moments of action and science fiction cinema, with legendary dialogues and even moments of accidental comedy. Perhaps the best reference in action cinema, and the Governor knows it