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Tom Holland rose to fame thanks to his portrayal of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War – 90%. After all these years, the actor has his own trilogy in his career, with Spider-Man: No Road Home about to premiere, and the affection of the public and fans of the arachnid. Although he greatly enjoys bringing this hero to life, he also knows that being part of the MCU can become a burden. Although participating in a Marvel film ensures the interest of other production companies, the tight schedule and constant appearances and crossovers can be an obstacle to taking on a few different roles. Everything indicates that Holland is about to say goodbye to Spidey and it seems that he has another franchise in his sights for his future.

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The contract that Tom Holland signed with Marvel ends with Spider-Man: No Way Home, but it is very possible that you will be asked to renew it, especially now that Sony is developing its own universe. For the actor, bringing this superhero to life was a dream come true and he is willing to continue as long as possible. However, in recent years he has learned to set more limits and has tried to explore other genres that show his true talent to the public. Tapes like A Brilliant War – 62%, The devil at all hours – 65% the Cherry – 27% are the example of their maturity in front of the cameras and their commitment to improve.

Fame leaves the actor in a privileged position where he can make freer decisions about his career and the characters he is interested in playing. As his physical abilities cannot be denied, and with Uncharted nearby, a new saga is likely to help him mix the best of two worlds. In that sense, James Bond is another door that could soon cross. Daniel Craig just said goodbye to Agent 007 with No Time to Die – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos83% and left a big gap that will be difficult to fill,Tom Holland would you be interested in trying it?

Months ago, during an interview for a podcast of Variety, Tom Holland revealed that he definitely has an interest in being James Bond, and believes he has all the qualities necessary to achieve it, including looking good in a suit. But this rather on-air comment could be a real obsession for the actor. GQ He put together a profile of Holland to promote the third installment of Spider-Man and interviewed several of his colleagues, including Jacob Batalon, who plays Ned in the superhero films, and who commented:

He talks a lot about being James Bond, a lot. Much much.

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We don’t know exactly what that kind of conversation is like between the two of them, but it is clearly very common, and one can imagine Holland listing all the reasons that would make him perfect for the role as he has done before. But how likely is it to happen? Not as much as one might believe, but nothing is impossible. The truth is that the actor is 25 years old and has a long list of pending productions that will surely occupy his agenda for the next few years, and that if we rule out a contract renewal to continue giving life to Spider-Man.

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. WilsonProducers of the James Bond franchise have already turned down other actors just because of their young age, so it’s a point against the actor. Both also believe that the famous character must go through another change for their next installments. Daniel Craig managed to represent and update the spy very well by making it more complex and removing these cartoonish ideas that began to damage the previous tapes. It all depends on which path they decide to follow and how they are going to transform Bond.

And Tom Holland He doesn’t have a chance to fight for James Bond right now, it doesn’t mean he won’t be able to do it in a few years. Remember that Henry Cavill was rejected for 007: Casino Royale – Loki new TV spot drives fans crazy Tomatazos95% and now he’s a crowd favorite to replace Craig. While we know whether or not the actor will have a chance in this franchise, Holland has several projects on the horizon that he still cannot talk about, and he is also very interested in changing of scene to become a producer or director.

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Tom Holland would be looking to be the new James Bond after the Spider-Man saga | Tomatazos