Tom Holland did a series of ‘protests’ which all came true

Fans believe actor Tom Holland has managed to ‘come forward his whole life’, after past interviews have resurfaced to prove that he has managed to turn a number of dreams into reality.

Holland, 25, began his acting career in the West End, after starring in Billy Elliot the Musical from 2008 to 2010, before landing a handful of movie roles – the most important being the 2012 disaster flick L’impossible, in which he starred alongside Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor.

But it was his turn as Spider-Man that saw him achieve international fame, having now featured as a web-slinger in six Marvel films, the latest of which, Spider-Man: No Path Home.

And it turns out Holland has been dreaming of donning the red and blue spandex for quite some time.

Speaking to the press on the Empire Awards red carpet a few years ago, Holland spoke about the kinds of roles he hoped to take on in the future, having starred in a 2012 disaster movie. L’impossible alongside Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor at the time.

“Something that has a little bit of action, or a little bit of comedy,” he said.

“Maybe something less serious than L’impossible, something a little more wacky. “

When asked if he felt like playing a superhero, Holland replied without a beat, “Oh, yeah! Yeah yeah yeah. I don’t know, which superhero would I like to play? Maybe Spider-Man in, like, 10 years old …

“The reboot reboot, if they did. ”

And, of course, they did – ticking off yet another dream from Holland’s bucket list when Jake Gyllenhaal was added to the franchise’s cast as Mysterio.

Credit: Sony Pictures

It’s a name Holland had mentioned before when reporters asked him who he’d like to work with, as he explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, when he said, “If you watch an interview that I have never made before that movie and someone asked me, “Who would you work with if you could work with any actor?” I would have said Jake Gyllenhaal.

“And when I found out it was him, I was happy, but also very nervous. But Jake was absolutely more than I could ever have expected. ”

Spider-Man aside, Holland also opened up about his love for a particular video game, which has since been adapted into a movie he’s playing in.

Responding to questions from fans via IGN’s Instagram in 2017, Holland said, “My favorite video game is this little game called I unexplored, this is my favorite game.

The next adventure film is slated for release early next year, which comes full circle.

Many fans also believe that he has “manifested” his relationship with Zendaya, after finding a clip from an old interview where he called her a “first crush on a celebrity.”

However, it turns out he was only laughing a little while promoting 2017. Spider-Man: Homecoming, in which he starred alongside his now girlfriend.

In the interview with PopBuzz, Holland was asked, “Who was your very first celebrity crush?” ”

“Uh… Zendaya,” he joked, before quickly adding, “No, it wasn’t Zendaya! ”

He continued, “No, my first celebrity crush growing up was probably Jennifer Aniston. ”

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Tom Holland did a series of ‘protests’ which all came true