Tom Holland addicted to alcohol: he confides in his addiction

By Romain Charp

Tom Holland is a British actor who debuted in 2009 taking the title role in the musical Billy Elliot, the Musical. Later he stood out in 2013 at the movie theater with the role of Lucas Bennett in the film The Impossible alongside Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts. World famous by reprising the role of the superhero Spidermanhis career exploded once he was integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, even if he seems to have a heavenly life, Tom Holland recently confided in his addiction. After revealing in May that he was sober for more than a year, the 27-year-old British actor has looked back on the defining moment when he realized his alcoholism. In the podcast On Purpose with Jay Shetty Monday, July 10, he spoke openly about his problem: “At Christmas (2021), I was on vacation, I drank a lot“, begins by explaining Tom Holland. “I decided to drop out for January… And all I could think about was having a drink. It was all I could think of. »

Tom Holland struggled with alcoholism

Seeing his situation worsen, Tom Holland began to question the reasons for his addiction. He also mentioned one of the factors: its rugby community where he says he felt “so much pressure” For drink unreasonably. Influenced, the young man therefore continued his descent into hell for months: “I was waking up thinking about it, checking the clock… and it really scared me”he confides. “So I kind of decided to to punish and say, “I’ll do it in February too. If I can take two months off, then I can prove to myself that I have no problem”he said.

However, after these two months of testing, Tom Holland was still living in a vicious circle where he couldn’t have fun without drinking “a few beers”. “I felt like i couldn’t be social, he adds. Following this, the British actor has set a new goal: to stay sober until his birthday, June 1st. After six months of withdrawal, the artist is now healthier “ and with a “much better mental clarity”. He bluntly admitted: It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s been a year and a half since i’m out now. We hope he will continue on this path.

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Tom Holland addicted to alcohol: he confides in his addiction