June 11, 2021

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Tom Hiddleston: secrets to know about the interpreter of Loki in the Marvel universe

1623435042 Tom Hiddleston secrets to know about the interpreter of Loki

The star of the “Loki” series, on Disney +, is the archetype of the English gentleman.

An actor for twenty years, the Briton Tom Hiddleston had to wait for the success of the film Thor, in 2011, to make a name for itself. Since then, the interpreter of Loki has been able to show how talented (and not only to act), charming, charismatic, elegant and full he was. self-mockery.

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Tom Hiddleston, an English good chic good kind

Born February 9, 1981 in the chic neighborhood Londoner of Westminster, Thomas William Hiddleston is the son of Diana, director, and James, a scientist, specialist in physical chemistry. His parents divorced when he was 12 years old. Tom grew up between two sisters, Sarah, the older, a journalist, and Emma, ​​the younger, also an actress. They played cousins ​​in the movie Unrelated, released in 2007.

Tom Hiddleston knows Prince William

A shapely head and a full head, Tom Hiddleston attended one of the UK’s most prestigious schools, theEton College, who counts among his pupils the cream of the British aristocracy (but not only). There he rubbed shoulders with Prince William and became friends with Eddie Redmayne, whom he partnered with in a play, A passage to India (and Eddie inherited the lead female role for the occasion as it is a boys’ boarding school). Former student at the University of Cambridge, Tom played rugby, but he ended his sporting ambitions to devote himself to comedy.

Tom Hiddleston has hidden talents

Tom is gifted in many areas. Languages ​​first, since in addition to English, he can hold a conversation in Spanish, Italian and French. Add notions in Greek (ancient and modern), Korean, Mandarin, Russian and even … Latin. He is also a very good dancer, “I will always be the first to launch myself on a dance floor and the last to leave it, sweaty”, he confessed. And Tom is also good at imitation of celebrities like Robert De Niro, Owen Wilson and Christopher Walken, and his Marvel comrades Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

Tom Hiddleston is scared to death of sharks

Tom Hiddleston a la shark phobia. “With sharks, nature created the ultimate killing machines, he explained. I love swimming in the ocean and I don’t think about them at all until I realize I’m the one who swam the farthest. There, the music of Sea teeth by John Williams immediately comes to mind. “

Tom Hiddleston, superhero fan

Tom has a favorite superhero, and he’s not an Avenger but Superman. He is particularly fond of Christopher Reeve’s performance as the Man of Steel, “in my opinion, he was the first real superhero”, did he declare.

Tom Hiddleston, to Thor or for good reason

They were more than one to audition to embody Thor, the god of thunder, in the Marvel movie of the same name. Before Chris Hemsworth landed the role, his little brother Liam applied, as did Charlie Hunnam, Alexander Skarsgård and Tom Hiddleston. If the latter was not selected for the main role (he had gained muscle for that), he caused a sensation with the production who immediately entrusted him with the one. Loki, his treacherous half-brother. A character that we love to hate and that he ultimately played in several films of the franchise Avengers before becoming the hero of his own series on Disney +.

Tom Hiddleston, a very private life

In 2016, Tom Hiddleston had a summer romance with Taylor Swift. It only lasted a few weeks but their couple is a bit legendary … They had time to travel to the four corners of the world, their parents met, they had a memorable (or embarrassing) week. -end of Independence Day with Taylor’s BFFs, and everyone had a good laugh when the actor wore a tank top “I love T.S.” at the beach (he wanted to protect himself from the sun, we lent him that …). What vaccinated Tom against the desire to publicize any other sentimental relationship. His (alleged) relationship with the actress Zawe Ashton, he saw her away from prying eyes.


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