Tom Hanks talks about whether he would join the MCU

Tom Hanks

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Speaking in a recent interview, the award-winning actor Tom Hanks talked about whether he would join the Marvel Cinematic Universe should the opportunity arise.

When asked if Marvel Studios ever contacted him to offer him a role, Hanks admitted that he hadn’t received any calls, at least to his knowledge.

No. Not that I know of, they… I don’t know, I don’t know. Boy, talking about the currency of the kingdom, you know, it’s like a sacred cow.

When the interviewer pointed out that Hanks doesn’t need the MCU for his career, the actor compared it to John Ford’s Westerns. According to him, jumping on the bandwagon at its peak could mean ending up in a highly acclaimed movie.

Okay, okay, let’s break this down a little bit, Josh, okay? Let’s unpack this. Is there an era of cinema where a very particular type of movie dominated the market like Marvel is currently dominating? You could say 1950s westerns. To get into some kind of universe or something, let’s take the John Ford westerns. Perhaps it can be said that the John Ford universe of the westerns is not that different, perhaps, from the Marvel universe of the movies. If it’s a edgy John Ford western, would you do it? You know? Let me say ‘Oh, let me get this straight, John, Jack (I think he called himself Jack), Jack Ford, what, you’re going to take me back and we’ll be in Monument Valley, we’ll get on a horse, and we’ll do things , and then we’ll do that, and then Monument Valley will be there?’ You could do that, because you could end up in Desert Centaurs or you could end up in The Invincible Legion, there are all kinds of things you could end up in.

Hanks also revealed that he has seen some of the Marvel Studios movies and that there are moments in those movies that reminded him of great performances from the past.

The MCU, fine. And you have Spider-Man and the X-Men and all the men and all the women. Look, I haven’t seen them all, so I’m telling you. But the ones I’ve seen, I’ve never walked away from them without thinking, ‘There’s a couple of great performances in there, man, those people really gave it their all.’

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Tom Hanks talks about whether he would join the MCU