Tom Hanks says he could continue acting after his death

In recent days, Tom Hanks surprised the public and the film industry with his statements about his possibility of continuing to work even after his death.and. Yes, as you read. In an interview with ‘The Adam Buxton’ podcast, the ‘Forrest Gump’ star revealed that he fervently believes in the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to keep his legacy alive in Hollywood. As expected, these statements have generated an intense debate about the legal and moral implications that this decision entails.

The use of artificial intelligence in the cinema: a Stakhanovite initiative?

Without fear of the afterlife, Tom Hanks is confident that the image can continue to be used by filmmakers after his death. “This is an integral part of what is happening in the field of intellectual property rights,” he said. In addition, he pointed out that if something were to happen to him tomorrow, his projects could continue thanks to the technological and visual advances provided by AI.

However, this idea also raises some legal and ethical dilemmas that need to be addressed by the film industry. Hanks acknowledges that this issue represents an artistic challenge, but also a legal one, and has revealed that discussions are already taking place in Hollywood about it. “There are discussions in every trade, every agency and every law firm to discern the legal ramifications of my face and my voice. And of everyone else. There will be some people who will be very interested in what is authentic and what is not, as well as a lot who will not care, “said the actor.

The precedent of ‘The Polar Express’: the first step towards acting immortality

It is necessary to mention that Tom Hanks has already had previous experience with the use of a replica of himself in the film ‘The Polar Express’ (2004), a film that pioneered the use of motion capture and CGI to replace actors. real. This experience set a precedent in the industry, and opened the door to new possibilities in terms of the recreation of characters through the use of technology. “We saw that there was going to be the possibility of putting zeros and ones into a computer and turning them into a face and a character,” Hanks said. Interestingly, The director of ‘The Polar Express’, Robert Zemeckis, is also involved in a film project called ‘Here’, which will explore the evolution of the characters over the decades. This film will require extensive digital rejuvenation work, which raises questions about the ethical limits of the use of AI in the entertainment industry and its implications in the not too distant future.

Because of this, Actors like Michael Douglas and Keanu Reeves have rebelled against this optimistic vision of Hanks, expressing their concern about the indiscriminate use of artificial intelligence in the cinema., since it could undermine the image rights of artists if it is not properly regulated. Now, can advances in AI transcend the limits of human life and keep the actors alive on the screen forever? Only time will tell.

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Tom Hanks says he could continue acting after his death