Tom Hanks’ new ‘Finch’ releases its first poster and is compared to ‘Chappie’

Finch, the new science fiction film starring Tom Hanks set in a post-apocalyptic world, release your first official poster and several users have pointed out in networks its -supposed- enormous resemblance to Chappie, Neill Blomkamp’s film starring a nice humanoid robot with artificial intelligence. With just over a month and a half to go before its exclusive premiere on Apple TV +, the film is heating up its engines with its new poster, although it should be noted that it is not the first preview image that we have had the opportunity to see (goes Cinemana).

Does the robot really look that much like Chappie?

Amblin Entertainment, one of the producers, has been in charge of releasing the new poster in which we can see Tom Hanks with a dog and the robot that has been related to Chappie. “Tom Hanks is Finch, the head of an unusual family on a trip to rediscover the joy and wonder of what it means to be alive. It will air exclusively for Apple TV + on November 5, “highlights the Amblin post. Finch revolve around a movie-naming robotic engineer who, after spending more than a decade locked in a bunker due to a solar cataclysm that could have exterminated humanity, decides to go abroad accompanied by his two inseparable friends.

The two friends in question are Goodyear, your dog, and Jeff, an android designed by Finch himself with the intention of caring for the dog when he dies. The goal of Finch’s journey is nothing more than to teach Jeff the meaning of being human and Goodyear to accept his new owner. Although Jeff has little or nothing to do with Chappie, a robot that was designed to be a police officer but was reprogrammed to adopt a closer and more endearing personality. “At a meeting to develop Finch: Let’s do a remake from Road but changing the child for a dog / Great idea! And can we add Chappie? “, Says one of the users about Finch’s resemblance to other tapes of the same genre. Do you see such an obvious resemblance?

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