Tom Hanks is an alenco from the series “1883”

The soldier will bond with James Dutton (Tim McGraw) after the bloody Civil War battle of Antietam, in which the powerful Montana family’s own ancestor nearly lost his life. Created by Taylor Sheridan, the same mastermind behind the parent series, the series will follow the story of the Duttons’ ancestors, showing how, amid hardships, pitfalls and risks, they managed to climb out of poverty and gain their vast and prosperous ranch.

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In addition to McGraw, the cast includes Billy Bob Thornton (Fargo), Sam Elliott (The Ranch), Faith Hill, Isabel May (Young Sheldon) y LaMonica Garrett (Designated Survivor). While we wait for the appearance of Tom Hanks, who, according to Sheridan himself, will not be the only special guest who will cross paths with the protagonists, We remember that the premiere will be on December 19 on Paramount +.

Tom Hanks chose the three favorite movies of his career

Tom Hanks is one of the world’s favorite actors and the most acclaimed in Hollywood, with a career that includes more than 80 films, including “Forrest Gump”, “Rescuing to the soldier Ryan” Y “Catch Me If You Can”. Everyone has their favorites including Hanks himself. In a recent interview on the Podcast of Bill Simmons, the two-time Oscar winner revealed his top 3 favorite films within his vast filmography. “It (the selection) would, but not based on the way the movies came out,” Tom said. “I would do it based on personal experience I had while doing them, which is very different.”

Taking into account that clarification, he began by mentioning A very special team (1992), the sports comedy in which he starred alongside Geena Davis, Madonna Y Lori Petty. His answer is based on the fact that he dedicated himself to playing baseball and spending a whole season with his family. “It was a great summer and my entire family still talks about it,” he noted.

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Then he leaned on a somewhat more obvious bet: Castaway (2000), from Robert Zemeckis, which was shot in Fiji and required one of its most radical transformations. “Nothing but adventure every day and every night,” he said when justifying the choice.

“The last film that I would say was magical for me is a film called Cloud Atlas”, he surprised with his choice choosing the film of the sisters Lana and Lilly Wachowski and Tom Tykwer. That shoot, he said, was “the first time I had filmed extensively in Germany and was surrounded by history.”

Tom Hanks came to Netflix, the movie “News from the great world” is now available on the platform

Tom Hanks came to Netflix, the movie

Tom Hanks came to Netflix, the movie “News from the great world” is now available on the platform.

“But as for the work itself, we were part of this great cast of fantastic people who were just trying to do the best and hardest job in a deep dive,” he says. “That would be my Big 3,” Tom concluded.

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Tom Hanks is an alenco from the series “1883”