Tom Hanks holds back tears as he mourns ‘Bosom Buddies’ co-star Peter Scolari after his death E! News UK

Tom Hanks paid tribute to his former co-star Peter Scolari in a TV interview, 10 days after sadly losing his battle with leukemia.

Tom Hanks, 65, became emotional in an interview less than two weeks after her friend Pierre Scolari deceased. The Oscar winner appeared on the November 2 episode of Jimmy Kimmel and direct, and stifled back tears as she spoke of her former Bosom buddies co-starring. The couple appeared together on two seasons of the ABC show, from November 1980 to March 1982. “Peter has a beautiful family, his wife Tracy has absolutely wonderful children and we lost him to the Emperor of All. diseases, ”said Tom.

“So thank you for allowing us to show this,” he added, referring to a clip. Jimmy Kimmel played, which showed their characters Kip Wilson and Henry Desmond going to a cabin together. ” [That was] a really cool show because it was just us for half of the episode, ”explained Tom, before talking about his lasting friendship with his co-star, who died last month at the age of 66 after a battle against leukemia.

“Peter – God bless I will miss him every day – he had the body of a gymnast, I mean like a professional gymnast from Cirque du Soleil. He could do, like, the iron triangle and stuff like that; he was a juggler, ”said Tom. “I don’t know how many people really change your life when you run into them, but he and I met, we picked the scripts, we started messing around, and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s it. . This is how it works. It’s like a hand in a glove. ”

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“For two years at Paramount Studios, on unlucky Stage 25, we cut it out,” he added. “… We were molecularly connected in such a way that we started to speak the same language. He also spoke about the audition process for Bosom buddies. “Peter walked on set saying, ‘We’ve got a guy who’s going to be the other breast buddy, he’s already done two fabulous shows that have been canceled, and we think this could be the third,’ ‘ he added, laughing.

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Tom Hanks holds back tears as he mourns ‘Bosom Buddies’ co-star Peter Scolari after his death E! News UK