Tom Cruise’s training to be a pilot again in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

The protagonist of the franchise Mission Impossible He has us used to pushing his own physique to the limit, as long as he is himself in those impossible scenes in which any mistake could seriously injure the actor. Paramount Pictures is not dumb and that adrenaline addiction It comes in handy when it comes to occupying headlines and interviews during the world promotions carried out by the protagonist before each premiere. next May, Top Gun: Maverick will hit theaters and Tom Cruise training it was not going to be less harsh, for the fact that to be piloting an American fighter:

On the occasion of this late return, fruit of nostalgic fever of all those stories produced by Hollywood all those years ago, Cruise and the rest of the new cast of recruits have had to go beyond physical preparation daily that faces like Chris Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson apply to their action films. the producer himself Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise They tell in the Paramount piece how, due to the search for extreme realism, the actors had to have previous training that was not easy: “The airplane sequences had to be authentic, so we had the actors prepare for months.”

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ (Paramount Pictures)

Like Jackie Chan or Daniel CraigTom Cruise is well known for not lightly using stunt doubles in his films. In the same way, if he is comfortable working with a filmmaker, he takes it with him to other franchises, see the case of Christopher McQuarrie with whom he coincided in jack reacher and who is now an indispensable director in the saga starring Ethan Hunt. Top Gun: Maverick It is directed by Joseph Kosinskifilmmaker who directed Cruise in oblivion. for this sequel with tints of rebootTom Cruise’s training has gone beyond ending up starring in all his action scenes, but has made all the rest of the actors immerse themselves in the experience of piloting real fighters.

Three months in which, after strict perseverance, Cruise, Glen Poweel and Miles Teller learned aeronautical training Y US Navy ejection techniques. In addition, they had to learn to manipulate the cameras of the planes, looking for the best possible plane. Top Gun: Maverick will hit theaters around the world on May 26.

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Tom Cruise’s training to be a pilot again in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’