Tom Cruise could be the villain of the next Deadly Weapon movie and have a cameo in Fast and the Furious

According to Daniel Richtman, the great Tom Cruise could be the villain of the new Mortal Weapon installment, and have a cameo in Fast & Furious.

Tom cruise

Warner Bros. is shaping the next movie of Deadly weapon, call Lethal Finale. It will be the last installment in the 34-year-old franchise. The villain, for his part, will have the difficult task of matching the genius of Jet Li in the fourth installment. The insider and already friend of the house Daniel richtman states that the actor who WB has thought as nemesis of Mel Gibson Y Danny glover, it would be nothing more and nothing less than the charismatic Tom cruise.

The new installment of Deadly weapon (Lethal Weapon in its original language) is currently under development, with Channing gibson (Lethal Weapon 4, Cradle 2 the Grave, Walking Tall) in charge of the script. Mel Gibson Y Danny glover they will resume the roles of sergeants Martin riggs Y Roger Murtaugh. For his part, the great Richard Donner (The Omen, Superman, The Goonies) will once again occupy the director’s chair. He directed all the films of Deadly weapon since its first part in 1987.

Tom cruise

Yes Tom cruise Take on the role of villain for the series, you will face two well-established characters, but with two actors who have been away from successes in the last long years. One of the things that is talked about, is that the participation of someone as great and current as Tom Cruise does not overshadow the prominence that both Gibson and Glover should have. If we remember, the villains of the first three parts of the franchise did not carry more weight than the main duo back then. Yes OK Jet Li He was the strongest villain in this aspect, he did not overshadow the main actors either.

With Mission: Impossible 7 Y Mission: Impossible 8 in the filming process, and with Top Gun: Maverick almost nothing to premiere, Tom cruise could be part of Lethal Finale. Especially for being an actor who has filmed different movies several times at the same time and, as is known, is addicted to action scenes. But not only the rumor falls on Cruise as part of Deadly weapon. Also, Daniel Richtman hinted that there are great chances that the Fast & Furious franchise will have the honor of having the actor among its future acquisitions.

Tom cruise

According Richtman, Vin Diesel wants to Tom cruise participate in at least one cameo for one of the next installments of the saga. Taking into account that the franchise of Fast & furious plans to go to space or even face dinosaurs, it will be necessary to see if he really Cruise is interested in doing something like that. The actor has a funny side, which does not usually explode in his films that are rather serious in tone. But we cannot forget his epic participation in films like Austin Powers in Goldmember and Tropic Thunder. In them, he shows that irreverent character that the actor would need to get into this car racing saga that became one of superheroes.