Today on Cdiscount, the iPhone 12 mini is cheaper thanks to a promo code

The iPhone 12 mini, which offers the same power as the other models in the range in a reduced format, becomes more advantageous thanks to a reduction coupled with a promo code at Cdiscount: its price thus drops from 809 euros to 574 euros.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Apple iPhone 12 Mini // Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

It was in 2020 that Apple introduced a new kind of smartphone: the iPhone 12 mini. Unlike the other references of the recent Apple brand ranges, this one adopts a compact size that fits easily in the hand. If the iPhone 13 mini took its continuation by making some improvements, its predecessor is still today a very good model that we recommend, especially with a price that drops by 235 euros compared to that set at launch.

The strengths of the iPhone 12 mini

  • 5.4-inch Full HD + OLED display
  • A still powerful A14 chip
  • Compatible MagSafe

Offered initially at 809 euros, then reduced to 599 euros, the iPhone 12 mini (red) in its 64 GB version is now displayed at 574 euros on Cdiscount thanks to the promo code LESS25EUROS, valid only today.

Final price of iPhone 12 mini after entering promo code

Final price of the iPhone 12 mini after entering the promo code // Source: Cdiscount.

If the offer mentioned in this article is subsequently no longer available, please take a look below to find other offers for the iPhone 12 mini. The table updates automatically.

A small, practical and light iPhone

As its name suggests, the iPhone 12 mini offers a reduced format compared to other large diagonals found in the range. We will therefore be entitled to a 5.4-inch OLED screen, which also displays a Full HD + definition of 2340 x 1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This size will not be ideal for watching video content of comfortable way as is the case on larger iPhones, but the mini will at least have the advantage of being in the hand and not requiring finger gymnastics to reach the top of the screen. In addition, its weight is much more contained than the others, since it weighs only 133 grams against more than 150 grams for the majority of smartphones on the market.

Power worthy of the brand

The firm may have bet on a small diagonal, it did not bet on lower performance. Thus, the iPhone 12 mini has an A14 chip, 5G compatible, like the other models in the range. What to take advantage of a great power in everyday life, whether it is to perform classic tasks without any slowing down, or even to play greedy 3D games.

On the photo side, the iPhone 12 mini incorporates a dual 12-megapixel sensor, like the classic iPhone 12. More precisely, it will be equipped with a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle lens, but no telephoto lens or LiDAR sensor on the horizon, which are reserved for the Pro model. But even with this setup, the iPhone 12 mini will take advantage of Apple’s quality and be able to capture beautiful, detailed shots.

Finally, the iPhone 12 mini has a small battery due to its reduced size, which means a battery life less than that offered by other smartphones in the 2020 range. The duration of use on a single charge n ‘will therefore not exceed one day. But we will take comfort in the compatibility with MagSafe, wireless charging, which will allow you to recover the battery quickly.

To find out even more, don’t hesitate to read our full review of the iPhone 12 mini.

9 /10

Apple iPhone 12 mini

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Today on Cdiscount, the iPhone 12 mini is cheaper thanks to a promo code