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At 26, Timothée Chalamet is on top of the world. He turns in the most exciting films of the moment, panics social networks and redefines the codes of masculinity. In full promotion of poisonous and sublime Bones and alltwice awarded at Venice, we met him in London, in the company of the revelation of the film, Taylor Russell.

The advertisements and Warner agents had warned us, Timothée Chalamet is incredibly cool, an ultra-talented, simple and modest young guy. A star, what! While filming the sequel to Dunes takes place between Budapest, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Italy, Timothée is in London for a promo day for Bones and allwhere it is a question of mad love and… cannibals, a black diamond signed Luca Guadagnino, which Timothée produced.

At the top of the world at only 26 years old, Timothée Chalamet offers himself a faultless, refuses the big disembodied machines made in Hollywood and seems to follow the advice that Leonardo DiCaprio gave him on the set of the amazing don’t look up, cosmic denial : “No hard drugs and no superhero movies. » In ten years, Timothée worked with Christopher Nolan (Interstellar), his friend Luca Guadagnino who propelled him into the stratosphere with Call me by your NameGreta Gerwig (Lady Bird and The Daughters of Doctor March)Woody Allen (A rainy day in New York), Scott Cooper (the western Hostile with Christian Bale) or Wes Anderson (The French Dispatch). It is no longer a filmo but a hunting board, moreover five of his films have been nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture… Moreover, with his green eyes, his rebellious curls, his angular jaw, his slender silhouette teenager and his stylish costumes, he elegantly mixes masculine and feminine codes, becomes the representative of an uninhibited masculinity, to the delight of a generation that seeks to deconstruct deleterious stereotypes between genres. On the Venice red carpet, he crushed the competition and ignited the networks with his open-back jumpsuit, in a lamé fabric and knit, made with metallic threads, designed by Haider Ackermann.

In Luca Guadagnino’s new film, Timothée Chalamet embodies an “Eater”, a cannibal who completely devours his victims, “ bones and all »… For his role, he made himself a rebellious redneck look, improbable mule cut, dyed hair, ripped jeans. With the revelation Taylor Russell, he crosses desert landscapes in the heart of rural America, in search of prey and above all love.

In London the interview takes place in the company of the Canadian Taylor Russell, discovered in the series Falling Skiesthen in the nanar Escape Game. When he sees me with my Marvin Gaye t-shirt, Timothée lets out a thunderous “Oh man, what a cool t-shirt! » and begins to sing loudly “What’s going oooooo…” Let’s go !


More than a cannibal film, can we consider Bones and all like a crazy love story?
Timothy: It seems obvious to me that the two main characters live hand to mouth, they break the law, they are wildly in love, they have no money: so yes, it looks like mad love. It is even beyond mad, passionate love; they’re safe with each other, they trust each other completely, they support each other, they’re real, it’s pure love, very mature.

How does your generation view crazy love, love without judgment? And do you think there is a demand among young viewers for these kinds of stories?
Taylor: This generation is really smart and they want sincere, authentic, original works.

Is it hard to play mad love?
Taylor: Timmy has known Luca well since Call me by your Name, as well as the producers. They are like a family whereas I was the newcomer. Timmy immediately made me feel at ease, as if I was part of this beautiful family. It’s very important on a set, to feel accepted, loved. Timmy has been a rock to me. He is a generous actor, but he is also and above all a generous person, with a very big heart. Qualities that you don’t find all the time, I think…

The film takes place in the 1980s, in a world without the Internet, but it talks about today’s youth, isolated, abused, abandoned or mistreated by adults, youth in search of carekindness and love.
Timothy: I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s interesting. I will speak on my behalf. The Covid epidemic has hit our generation hard, it has isolated it socially. But there is also global warming, world conflicts, inflation, nutritional problems… I have the impression that young people see this old world dying. They are isolated. Like you said, Bones and all captures the essence of it all, even if it’s oddly a cannibal movie. I really agree with you, there is something absolutely contemporary in this quest of the two characters from the 1980s, in this urgency to live despite everything.

How was the filming?
Taylor: We shot in Ohio, Kentucky, Nebraska… We shot for 48 days, in April 2021.

Bones and all offers Timothée Chalamet a wild role before playing a young Willy Wonka then Paul Atreides in the sequel to Dune.

Do you like horror movies?
Timothy: To be completely honest,….

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Timothée Chalamet & Taylor Russell: “Love to death! – Technikart