Tim Curry’s Lost Joker Performance Restored in Batman: The Animated Series Clip

Batman: The Animated Series is considered one of the best Batman projects ever created by Warner Bros. As the crowning achievement of their DC animated offerings, the ’90s show saw Mark Hamill take on the long-term role of Joker, but he wasn’t the original cast member. to bring the iconic villain to life as The Rocky Horror Picture Showit is Tim Curry was hired for the role before being replaced by Hamill. Although Curry was never heard as the voice of the Joker, the beloved actor recorded dialogue for the series and it was recently released as part of a documentary.

Now, a fan has taken that dialogue and edited it into the show footage to give an idea of ​​what Curry could have brought to the Batman party. Posting on Twitter, Munson Burner wrote:

“In a recent documentary with Batman TAS, they released some of Tim Curry’s Joker recordings before he was replaced by Mark Hamill. I cleaned up and improved his audio recordings a bit while trying to sync them to better footage. »

Since Batman: The Animated Series originally aired, there have been many other iterations of Gotham’s Clown Prince developed for the screen, with actors such as Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto having created live-action versions and John DiMaggio, Alan Tudyk, Kevin Conroy and others delivering voice-over performances, where Tim Curry might have had a seat in the Joker actor pantheon is something we’ll never really know.

Joker will soon return to the big screen

With a character like the Joker, there’s always a new take on the character around the corner and that’s true right now. With the past decade having seen Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix land Oscars for playing the role, the next few years will see the character return to the big screen with Phoenix reprising the role of Joker: Madness for twowhich will also star Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn, and will likely also appear in batman 2played by Barry Keoghan.

Of course, the Joker is a character that fans never tire of seeing reimagined time and time again, and whenever a new Batman hits the screen, whether live-action or animated, there’s always a question of how and when he will face his nemesis.

Although Tim Curry’s time as the Joker was never realized, there have obviously been plenty of other versions that have been enjoyed over the years, and Curry himself has had many iconic roles that come his way. secured his place in Hollywood history. Overall, Curry’s loss in Batman: The Animated Series ended up delivering the world Mark Hamill in a role for which he became as well known as Luke Skywalker in the star wars franchise, and that’s something the world really didn’t want to be without.

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Tim Curry’s Lost Joker Performance Restored in Batman: The Animated Series Clip