TIFF 2022: “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” – Zac Efron goes through history with a beer in hand

Peter Farrelly’s new comedy takes us to Saigon, in the middle of the Vietnam War, with Zac Efron determined to deliver beers to his friends.

In the cinema, the travels of peter farrelly are always interior. On the road, along the way, over the course of his films, the enlightened have perhaps calmed down a bit, but he made them reveal themselves to themselves, confronting them with history, and with their own contradictions; thus pursuing, and equipped with an unfailing humanism, a touching exploration of recluses, brutes and fools. Latest film hit, his Oscar-winning “Green Book” which took the excellent Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali on the segregated roads of the southern states. Along the way, Tony ‘Lip (aka Viggo Mortensen) discovers altruism, poetry.

And it’s the turn of Zac Efron to take up this precious torch. Endowed with an impenetrable faith, he risks his skin of sorrow for a derisory mission: an express delivery of American beers under the bombs of the lines of Saigon. As if the character of Lloyd Christmas embodied by jim carrey in “Dumb & Dumber” had crossed the film of “Apocalypse Now” a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon in the hand…

Russell Crowe and Zac Efron
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Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival and produced by Apple Studios, “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” tells the loosely adapted story of Chickie Donohue to tell Vietnam through the eyes of a civilian. A notable feature among the rich tradition of this war in cinema. “Apocalypse Now” (1979), “Full Metal Jacket” (1987), “Platoon” (1986), peter farrelly said it himself, he reviewed them all one by one to avoid copying. Even the soundtrack is different, certainly period, but it resonates elsewhere.

Some take him for a CIA agent. His idea is too stupid, it can only be a cover and his friends who tell him to turn back. In one of its best performances to date, and accompanied by an admirable cast (bill muray, Russell Crowe), Zac Efron reveals a comic talent seen in particular in “The Beach Bum” (2019). He is the naive idiot through whom the atrocities of the military engagement in Vietnam are decanted. peter farrelly puts the laughter in the right place, about beer-raised buggers, US imperialism, the war effort, and the media.

Under its air of a little schoolboy farce, “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” takes its characters to the attack on the United States Embassy in Saigon during the Tết offensive in 1968. Thus making the story blunders, ignominies, and our anti-hero to come back dejected. His journey will also become the parable of a nation that should have laid down its arms. “It’s not a war, it’s a gigantic crime scene”the words echo from the dark voice of Russell Crowe, journalist and war photographer. So, in the volte of a genre that Farrelly masters to perfection, “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” reveals a scathing comedy.

4/5 ★

Available from September 30 on Apple TV+.


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TIFF 2022: “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” – Zac Efron goes through history with a beer in hand