tick, tick… Boom! : “Andrew Garfield transformed into Jonathan Larsson”

There is no doubt that Lin-Manuel Miranda revolutionized the musical genre. Just look at projects like the sequel to Mary Poppins, what he did with Hamilton to Broadwayor his recent film, In the Heights, to figure it out. This Friday came to Netflix a very personal story for him: “Tic, tic … Boom!” “, on the life and work of the composer who pushed him to be what he is today, Jonathan Larsson.

“Tic, tic … Boom!” “ shows a young man about to turn 30, with a very clear goal in his life: to want to be a musical comedian. But as happens everywhere, wanting and trying is not always enough. Born as a musical work, it is the work that earned Larsson the confidence of the producers so that he could write what ended up being To rent, an emblem of musicals, which he could not see because he died on the day his show was to take place.

Before being a film by Netflix, “Tic, tic … Boom!” “ It was a musical by Broadway that in its different versions was carried out by different actors. Among them was Neil Patrick Harris (how I Met Your Mother) and own Lin-Manuel Miranda. That’s why it also added an extra point when it came to being made like a movie.

In addition, the feature film became the first Miranda as a director. Although he has previously held other roles in works by its author, such as In the heights and Hamilton, I had never pulled the strings before. To do this, he relied on the figure of Alice brooks, a seasoned cinematographer who spoke with Divulgacher on what it was like to complete this project.

You’ve been to In the Heights before, what was it like seeing Miranda take the plunge into directing?

It was wonderful, because it brought this idea of ​​the theater to do workshops at “Tic … Tic … Boom!” “. The workshops are very theater specific, but Lin he has a lot of experience in the theater. What you do is try different things, so we use the prep time to try things out. We did the story-boardsWe would see them and if they didn’t work, we would change them. It was amazing, as the screenwriter was with us in the scriptwriting process and was able to make quick edits to the script. It was incredible teamwork between Lin, me, in those meetings, I was the production designer, the screenwriter and the screenwriter, because we started to see what it would look like “Tic, Tic… Boom! “. So by the time we started shooting it was all very specific. It was one of the best jobs I have had in my life.

What do you think of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s legacy in musicals?

Lin has left an incredible mark on musical theater and musical films, and what’s amazing is that “Tic … Tic … Boom!” “ it’s a movie about Jonathan Larson, who inspired Lin become a musical scriptwriter at the age of 16. It was the first time … when Lin seen To rent to Broadway understood: “Ah, musicals can have the music I listen to”. He realized he could use his voice to tell a musical and tell the stories he wanted. Built on what Jonathan Larson it started and unfortunately could not continue due to his untimely death. Lin was able to grow and develop from that time when he was 16 and saw To rent, and he made his mark on musicals today.

It was his first time as a director. Did you feel there was extra pressure for him?

Lin he doesn’t feel any pressure, at least he doesn’t seem to show it. It’s like a child who plays all the time. The kids don’t worry about what’s going to happen. When he made the movie he looked like a little boy making a movie, he was so excited, so focused. It was beautiful to see.

Andrew Garfield’s talent as a singer surprised many. What was it like to see him in action?

Not only did he turn into a singer, he turned into Jonathan Larsson. There was one day during pre-production that I was sitting behind Andrew Garfield, he was in front of me, we were watching Sunday at the park with George, some of the cast and crew were watching. I saw him watching Robin of Jesus, they had an exchange, he turned to continue watching TV, and I realized by then that he had become John. I took a picture of him from behind and sent it to Lin, it was the perfect figure, it looked exactly like Jonathan from behind. André He left everything in this project, he also learned to play the piano. He’s an incredible actor, he’s transformed in an incredible way, when you hear him sing you never would have imagined three years ago that he could sing.

Vanessa Hudgens already had experience, notably thanks to Musical High School. What did you bring to the shoot?

Vanessa she is an incredible professional. She is adorable as a human being. You hear her sing and… The first time I heard her sing, it was before… It was a workshop of “Tic, Tic… Boom! “, there was no casting except for André and she was reading one of the parts to the audience, I heard her sing. I knew his old job, I have a 6 year old boy so Musical High School he is with me all the time. But being in a room with her singing is very powerful.

Were there influences from other musicals?

We don’t try to watch specific musicals. What we wanted to create is… The film is set in New York between 1990 and 1992, and with Lin We’re the same age, we both grew up in New York City, and we were 10 years old in 1990, when the movie was around. I left town at that age and this New York took hold in me, the vision of a 10 year old girl in this big world. And that’s what we wanted, to make people feel… We wanted to make a New York film, with musical elements.

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tick, tick… Boom! : “Andrew Garfield transformed into Jonathan Larsson”