Throat cancer took away his voice, now Val Kilmer shares his story | News from El Salvador

The famous 61-year-old actor recounts his personal struggle with the disease and how it has changed his life.

Famous for his films from the late ’80s and early’ 90s, Val Kilmer is known for being “Iceman”, in “Top Gun” (1986); Jim Morrison, in “The Doors” (1991); Batman, in “Batman Forever” (1995); Philip II of Macedonia, in “Alexander the Great” (2004); Simón Templar, in “El Santo” (1997), among other renowned productions.

Now, 6 years have passed since he was diagnosed with throat cancer, with which came a parade of treatments to fight the disease (radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and a tracheostomy). Although she was able to beat him, he finally snatched her voice as we knew it.

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The actor wanted to share with his audience how this process has been through the documentary “Val”, produced by him, his children, Jack, 26, and Mercedes, 29.

Mercedes Kilmer and Jack Kilmer, at the premiere of “Val”, in Los Angeles. Photo: AFP

Before the premiere in the city of Los Angeles, which was on August 3, Kilmer shared a message on his Instagram account, where he shows how proud he is of his work.

“Driving through Los Angeles I saw myself floating over the city. This is such a wonderful celebration. I am very proud of this movie and I hope it will allow me to share some of the most intimate, salient and raw moments of my life. It’s in theaters today, ”he wrote alongside a large banner for the film.


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During the premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, “Val” received a standing ovation. The film shows not only his battle against cancer, but also great Hollywood moments, where he shares with friends and colleagues.


Actors Val Kilmer and Al Pacino during a show in Los Angeles in 2019. Photo: AFP

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