Thor Love and Thunder: here is the character that Russell Crowe was to embody at the start

A few days ago, we presented these changes to you in the film Thor: Love and Thunderchanges that would have made the film Marvel better. And while the last film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (mcu) was released a short time ago in cinemas, recent information reveals that one of the new actors of the film should have embodied a completely different characterbeing even the opposite of the role that finally had.

DISCLAIMER: This article contains spoilers for the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, if you’re going to watch it, look no further.

a radically different role

The latest movie from Marvel Studios, Thor: Love and Thunderis the fourth installment in the saga centered on the famous god of Thunder. Released just a week ago, fans learned that the film went through a lot of edits during final editing, in particular by removing characters and moving scenes present in the initial editing. But recent information also revealed that certain actors, present in the film Thor 4have also undergone major changes.

And this is particularly the case of Russell Crowe. It was through the publication of concept art on Instagram that artist Ken Barthelmey revealed a first glimpse of Russell Crowe in the role of satan. He also offered some information on how the New Zealand actor would have appeared in the film. Thor: Love and Thunder.

Hello everyone ! Here’s a concept I did for the last movie Thor.

Russell Crowe was originally considered to appear as Satan in a cameo. Eventually he played Zeus.

The task was to design a Satan similar to that of Tim Curry in Legend (1985): big horns, sordid and evil. Since this was a prosthetic make-up, I was asked to give her hairy human legs and feet. Here is what it gives.

A concept I made for Thor: Love and Thunder at Odd Studio.

For indeed, the final decision radically transformed the role of Crowe, since it passed from that of Satan to that of Zeus. But we also see that Marvel Studios’ plans for cameos have evolved as well.since it is indeed not Satan who appeared in the post-credits scene of the last MCU film, but another character.

Russell Crowe therefore appeared as Zeus, the supreme Greek god, but he will be defeated by Thor. This is what will give rise to the appearance of the character of Hercules in the post-credits scene, played by Brett Goldsteinknown in particular for the series Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. Zeus will then ask his son to avenge him, thus suggesting a future clash between the Asgardian god and that of Olympus.

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Thor Love and Thunder: here is the character that Russell Crowe was to embody at the start