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While we are still waiting for a trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder”, the Marvel film is getting clearer with the description of the character of Jane Foster, Mighty Thor version, which has just been unveiled by the official figurine.

Waiting around Thor 4

Each film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) provokes its share of enthusiasm, for different reasons. With Spider-Man: No Way Homethe fans were waiting the meeting of the three incarnations of Peter Parker. For Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the hype continues to grow with the presence of Wanda and the Illuminati in particular. And after this new big piece, there will be Thor: Love and Thunderwhich will see Christian Bale embody the terrible Gor, Russell Crowe be Zeus, and Natalie Portman back in the shoes of Jane Foster. But if Taika Waitit’s feature film is of so much interest, it is also because the latter will be entitled to a significant change.

Thor Love and Thunder ©Marvel

Indeed, Taiki Waitit decided to adapt the story of the comics of Jason Aaron, and which saw Jane Foster recover the hammer of Thor by becoming in its place the goddess of thunder. However, Jane is also suffering from a serious terminal cancer, and each of his transformations into Mighty Thor weakens him a little more. We should therefore find a similar plot in Thor 4.

Jane’s transformation into Mighty Thor

Marvel has yet to begin promoting the film and we can’t wait for a first trailer. However, certain elements of the film could begin to leak, in particular with release of figurines. This is the case with that of Jane as Mighty Thor. Via a Twitter post (below), we can discover a description of the character:

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Thor 4: we know how Jane (Natalie Portman) became Mighty Thor – CinéSéries