This was the incredible transformation of Christian Bale in Gorr: timelapse and images

Christian balethe famous actor who brought Batman to life in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, was one of the most positive aspects of Thor: Love and Thunder, the recent fourth installment of Thor’s adventures in the UCM. So much so, that Bale gave life to the villain Gorr the Butcher of Gods through a characterization somewhat different from that of the comics, although it is just as terrifying. All this thanks to a more than effective makeup that managed to enhance its terrifying presence despite having a human face, unlike its original design and its “more alien” face. This is demonstrated by the new images of the actor’s makeup process together with a curious time lapse in which we can observe the great work of the artists on the actor’s poel.

Spectacular timelapse Christian Bale as Gorr

And it is that one of the conditions of the Oscar-winning actor to play Gorr in the Thor movie was to bet totally on maguillage and prosthetics to bring the character to life, totally ruling out any application of CGI on his appearance on screen. Said and done; Marvel Studios turned to specialists in the field Odd Studio to characterize Bale as Gorr using only traditional techniques, so the actor had to put up with makeup sessions Not a few hours until the ideal result is achieved.

This is demonstrated by the curious timelapse shared by the creators of such a spectacular characterization work on Christian Bale: “The butcher of gods!! Check out the making of Thor: Love and Thunder now streaming on Disney Plus. There are many great images of BTS of our creature and prosthetic effects”, we can read next to the video that you can see on these lines.

In addition, those responsible for characterizing the actor have also shared the sessions of test photography of the character already with all the makeup and prosthetics applied, resulting in a most disturbing villain; Christian Bale’s stupendous acting job did the rest.

Source | Odd Studio

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This was the incredible transformation of Christian Bale in Gorr: timelapse and images