This mind-blowing ‘deepfake’ replaces Tom Holland with Tobey Maguire in the ‘Spider-Man: No way home’ trailer

The expectation in relation to Spider-Man: No Way Home is still high. Beyond the trailer released a few weeks ago clarified some things, several more remained in the air. One of them is if other actors who played the Marvel’s friendly neighbor They will be together with Tom Holland or not. Some of that uncertainty may explain why a new deepfake created by a fan has changed Holland’s face to Tobey Maguire in the aforementioned advance.

What does this adaptation consist of? In intervening the trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home, altering Holland’s face to transform it into Maguire’s. Therefore, it remains as if everything that happens with Halland in the next Marvel movie happened to the first of the actors who played Spider-Man. Remember that the chain of arachnid actors began with Maguire, continued with Andrew Garfield until it reached Tom Holland.

Although the films starring Maguire and Garfield have not been taken into account within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the incorporation of the Multiverse within the story makes it possible for the different actors to be integrated and, thus, to have different versions of Spider-Man within the same film. That is the main stimulus in relation to Spider-Man: No Way Home. While waiting for some other teaser to confirm it (or rule it out, although the latter seems unlikely), fans are having fun.

The ‘deepfake’ that replaced Tom Holland by Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Shamook is the YouTube user who posted a deepfake in which the most recent trailer of Spider-Man: No way home. But he did it in no small detail: the entire teaser is altered to put Maguire’s face instead of Holland’s. The intervention is surprising not only because of its curiosity, but also because of the quality of the work.

However, it should be emphasized that the video is only intended to entertain and cultivate some other conversation about Spider-Man: No Way Home. It should be taken into account that the advancement of this technology, driven by artificial intelligence, has facilitated not only this type of intervention, but that multiple interventions have been carried out through them. fake news that badly influence social dynamics.

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