This is what Seraphina, the daughter of Ben Affleck and friend of Emme Anthony Lopez looks like today

Reconciliation between ben affleck and Jennifer Lopez This was one of the most shocking news in the Hollywood world, as they are currently having a romantic revenge, having been one of the most iconic couples of the early 2000s. It is clear that the relationship is on the right track, since his daughters, Séraphine, with whom he had with Jennifer Garner, and Emme Muniz, fruit of JLo’s marriage to Marc Anthony, they started to share time together until they became friends.

Apparently their bond started with Seraphina helps Emme feel more comfortable in her new Los Angeles school, after leaving school and some friends in Miami, where he lived until Ben and Jennifer’s union. There are days They were photographed on the streets of Beverly Hills, a place where the artists would live together., after it was revealed that they “are madly in love”.

The girls, aged 13 and 12, were spotted alongside Affleck on a family outing to Universal Studios in mid-July, where local media noted that the two are at the same stage of growth, in which they are trying out different styles. Emme was the one who surprised with the green hair, while Seraphina also opted to wear the hair short., while retaining its color. What they were tied to was his clothes, since they chose loose clothes, without being flashy.

These are not the only times they are noticed in front of the public, since at other times they were seen as a new united family. Before going back to school, the couple organized all kinds of activities during the holidays. They once went to see Hamilton’s play, which they attended Max and Emme Muñiz, in addition to Violet and Seraphina Affleck. A few days later they went to the Magic Castle, where they were joined Samuel, the third son of Ben.

From what the media reported People: “It’s only natural that they spend a lot of time with their children. “. They also added: “They’re not trying to speed things up, but they want the kids to get to know each other well. They make the last days of summer fun. They will be back to school and work soon. “.

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