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At Cuore we are very fans of Lily Collins and of the series that stars, ‘Emily in Paris’. Needless to say, actually. What is not too much is to warn you that Netflix has just released its second season.

Filming started in spring, and although we are not going to tell you any spoilers, we know that Emily is going to have a scandal in Saint Tropez, one of the most exclusive summer areas in the south of France. She’s going with her friends on vacation, so cool. Darren Star, the creator of the story, had already said that the protagonist will again collide head-on with French culture, something we had already gotten used to since the first episode of season 1.

“When she got there she had a bit of a wide sleeve at first and I don’t think it’s that easy for her in season two,” Darren said at the time. Come on, things are going to get a bit more complicated for Emily. On the other hand, and already entering love territory, it seems that there will also be totally unexpected new plot lines. You want to see it, right?

What we were going to: do you want to know how much does lily collins for playing this role that the audience liked so much?

Although Netflix does not disclose the salaries of its stars to the public, the American edition of the magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’ assures that it is possible to speculate how much they earn based on what other actors are said to have earned. In April, an inside source revealed that Regé-Jean Page reportedly turned down $ 50,000 to participate as a guest star in the second season of ‘The Bridgertons’. For its part, Millie Bobby Brown charges $ 350,000 per episode of ‘Stranger Things’While the rest of the cast make about $ 250,000.

So while it is impossible to say with certainty how much Lily is paid, a rough estimate would be that she earns an amount similar to that of the protagonists of ‘Stranger Things’, which adds up to about $ 3 million for the full 10-episode season. Not bad at all, right?

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This is what Lily Collins charges for doing ‘Emily in Paris’ | CUORE