This is what child actress Amanda Bynes looks like today after fighting drugs and depression

The TMZ portal has reported that the child actress Amanda Bynesinternationally remembered for starring in the films what a girl wantsLove destroyed, She is the man, sydney whiteamong others, reappeared in a delicate state of mental health.

After her retirement from television screens in 2008, the American fashion designer has also had to face different situations that have led her to get into depression and anxiety.

Sources close to the actress have said that Bynes has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, since at times he has faced bouts of depression because he has not been able to control his addiction to psychoactive substances.

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TMZ also indicates that: “She has gone back to living alone in her apartment, after her recent release from a psychiatric hospital; However, she doesn’t have many people in her life, so she often feels lonely.”

Likewise, the portal indicates that his relatives have said that the remembered star was found in March 2023, wandering naked through the streets and apparently with a overdose of hallucinogenic substances.

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Similarly, the artist’s relatives indicate that despite the fact that she is usually very lonely, she communicates frequently with her parents and siblings, who have indicated that they do notor do they want to see her again with her sentimental ex-partner Paul Michaelwho assure that he was not there for Bynes in his most difficult moments and, on the contrary, It motivated her to stop taking the medications that help her treat depression problems.

In March 2022, the actress won the lawsuit against her parents, who since 2013 were their legal guardians and were in charge of controlling the medical care and financial decisions of Amanda Bynes.

The parents obtained control of the designer’s life and assets, arguing in court be concerned about the decisions that the actress might make due to his state of mental health.

Amanda Bynes: bipolarity, abuse and a life of tragedy


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This is what child actress Amanda Bynes looks like today after fighting drugs and depression