This is what AnnaSophia Robb looks like today at 27

Charlie and the chocolate factory It is one of the great classics for children of this millennium. Directed by the incredible Tim Burton, the film was released in 2005 and tells the story of a very supportive young man who aspires to know the factory of Willy Wonka, where the best chocolate in the world is made. His dream becomes reality when he finally gains access to the five exclusive golden tickets, which are offered to children from different countries to get to know this special and magical place. Two of the kids who got the most recognition after this movie are Freddie highmore, known for his masterful performance in The good doctor, and AnnaSophia Robb.

Today, the actress is 27 years old and, with a very low profile, she managed to build an interesting career after this film which brought her international recognition. At Charlie and the chocolate factory, AnnaSophia brought to life violette, a spoiled and competitive girl who only chewed gum to seduce others. Now, time has passed and the interpreter from Colorado, in the United States, has just released a blockbuster in Starzplay and hundreds of other projects await you.

AnnaSophia Robb: This Is How The Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Actress Knows Today

Anna was born in December 1993 in the city of Denver and, from an early age, she was interested in artistic activities, but also sports. In fact, as a child, I did gymnastics and also different types of dances. Although then he decided to stick with the performance. This is how he started his acting career at the age of 8 after starring in a TV commercial. Years later he would appear in the movie Samantha: an american girl on vacation and that would allow him to play Charlie and the chocolate factory, in 2005.

AnnaSophia Robb at the Stillwater premiere (Photo: Getty)

This role in the movie Tim Burton kicked it off for international recognition. Still, AnnaSophia shared her acting work with the University. In fact, after graduation, he attended New York University. During this time he starred in films like Soul Surfer, Jack of the Red Hearts, Monster Show, Lansky, among other bands.

Of course, he also took part in TV shows such as Litte burns everywhere from Amazon prime and next to nothing less than Reese Witherspoon. And there’s more. This sunday premiere Dr. Mort, a thriller about the sinister case of former neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch, sentenced to life in prison for mutilating his patients. Robb, here, plays the prosecutor of the case, and does it next to Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin et Christian Slater.

Regarding her personal life, AnnaSophia is committed to Trevor pauHe shared it with his over 3 million followers with super sweet photos just a few days ago. “I want to be with you everywhere! And now it reaches our hearts We got engaged !!! YAHHHHOOOOOOO! He’s my best friend, the tallest man I know, and a really bad bitch. I feel pure joy to start the rest of our lives together!« , expressed the actress.

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