This is what Alicia Silverstone looks like, the protagonist of Clueless more than 26 years after the film

Clueless, O Ni Idea, was one of the films plus successful 90s, that almost 30 years later continues to be remembered.

The film showed the life of Cher, interpreted by Alicia Silverstone, who was the Most popular girl from her academic institute in Beverly Hills and the daughter of a famous lawyer.

His life was full of luxuries, but it was not easy because she was competing to be the best dressed and the best in everything, together with her best friend Dionne.

But although He had everything, he always wanted to help others, and he cared about the happiness of those he loved.

Therefore, he converted Or, interpreted by Brittany Murphy, who was one Shy and unpopular girl, in the prettiest of the school.

Many wonder what happened to the life of the famous Alicia, who played Cher, more than 26 years after the film, and that’s how it looks now.

Clueless: this is how its protagonist looks more than 20 years after the premiere

Through their networks she is very active and She shows off her beauty, still retaining her gorgeous blonde hair that we loved at Clueless and she wears a modern and elegant midi cut.

However, She has moved away from the screens to dedicate herself to being a mother at 44 years old, and has a line of organic products call The Kind Life.

In addition, it is also very active in the world of fashion, and constantly attends fashion shows.

He recently attended several in New York, posing next to Gigi Hadid and Katie Holmes.

He constantly shows his son Bear Blu Jarecki, 10, and who had with the musician Christopher Jarecki, who was separated in the 2018.

It certainly makes it clear that She is a woman and mother like everyone else, and she is not afraid to show herself natural, without makeup.

Thus, it shows that although the years have passed, sShe still looked just as beautiful as she did in 1995.

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