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Posted on December 27, 2021, 4:28 PM

There is no doubt about it. Season 6 of This Is Us is going to shock fans on an emotional level, especially when it comes to Rebecca’s plot. The Pearsons’ matriarch is slowly losing her memory to Alzheimer’s disease, and the final season will shine a light on her life and history more than ever. And in doing so, fans will see Rebecca making the most of her time.

Rebecca loses her memory in season 6 of “This Is Us”.

As many fans remember, before season 6 of This Is Us, Rebecca was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. On the same subject : Season 2 of “Demon Slayer” finally has a Netflix release date of 2021.. And since then fans have seen that she has her good days and her bad days with the disease.

Rebecca sometimes forgets little things here and there, and her family are doing everything in their power to help her. Unfortunately, they don’t all agree on the best course of action for Rebecca. But, heading into the final season, it seems like they’ve all come to grips with the situation.

Mandy Moore, who stars as Rebecca in This Is Us season 6, told People : “It’s a real challenge. It’s a challenge not to let my grief over her situation influence what she is going through because she is handling this situation with so much grace and honesty. She is very attentive to what she expects from her life right now and how she wants to live it. The plan she makes is really something, but it’s difficult. “

Mandy Moore announces that her character will say goodbye in the final episodes.

At the This Is Us Season 6 premiere event, Mandy Moore spoke with Variety about Rebecca’s journey in the final episodes. To see also: What We Do In The Shadows season 4: air date, characters, plot, and what we know so far..

“She’s sort of on a farewell tour, like all [les acteurs de This Is Us] sort of are, ”Moore shared. “It’s obviously deeply heartbreaking. But Rebecca has so much grace and compassion for the way people are inevitably going to have to pick up the pieces of the life around her. She is so present and enjoys all the time spent with her family. But I think she’s also very honest and straightforward about what she wants and expects. “

The actor continued, “And it’s a really beautiful thing in that sense to be able to kind of know where your life is going. And getting ready, preparing your family is a lot. She has a lot of words in the scenes. She has a lot of things on her mind. While she is sort of there with her family, she really wants to be able to think about the parts of her life that she doesn’t want to forget and pass on what she has found so beautiful. “

The reporter then commented, “Heartbreaking, but life-affirming,” which Moore emphatically approved.

If you haven’t already, stock up on handkerchiefs for This Is Us Season 6 and prepare to cry every time Rebecca is on screen. Looks like tears are going to flow in every episode.

The final season will be about how Rebecca and Miguel got together.

On a lighter note, This Is Us season 6 will also finally show fans the start of Rebecca and Miguel’s romance in the years since Jack’s death. On the same subject : Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sora: how to get it?.

In the People interview, Moore said, “I’m really excited to explore Rebecca and Miguel. Understand how they courted, how they found each other and ultimately got married. “

Jon Huertas, who plays Miguel, added, “When you start playing with their romance a little bit more, you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s cool’. We had so much fun doing it. I think it will translate to the screen. When actors have fun and love the story they are telling, audiences feel it. I think that will help anyone who apprehends Miguel and who, I hope, will be like, ‘I’m going to cheer on these two’ ”.

This Is Us Season 6 premieres January 4 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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‘This Is Us’ Season 6 – Mandy Moore talks about Rebecca’s journey: “She’s kind of doing a farewell tour.” – Mirror Mag