This is the massive family of Clint Eastwood, the American Julio Iglesias: 8 children and 6 wives at 93 years of age

Clint Eastwood turns 93 today And if we know anything about him, it is that he is going to receive more gifts than any child on Three Kings Day given the massive family he has. The mythical cowboy has always been one of the great seducers of Hollywood and that is why he has had until six wives, of whom he only married two, and eight children which is said soon Although the most surprising thing is that the actor has managed to ensure that they all have an excellent relationship and that they all treat each other as what they are: brothers. Does the story ring a bell? He looks like the American Julio Iglesias and you know it.

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Everything ceases to be so ideal when, said by his biographer Patrick McGilligan, it is said that “Clint had a trophy collecting philosophy when it came to women.”. And it is that, according to this book, it is not that Eastwood had six different relationships throughout his life, but that he would have overlapped them over time making his family tree even more complicated than break down. That is why we are going to go child by child so that there is not an iota of doubt.

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Kyle Eastwood

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The eldest of Clint’s children is Kyle Eastwood, born in 1968 (55 years old), the fruit of his first marriage to Maggie Johnson. A marriage that is celebrated only six months after meeting, that is why it is said to be the love of the actor’s life, in addition to the fact that it was one of his longest-lasting relationships since they lasted 11 years married.


Kyle is dedicated to music jazz. He plays the bass all over the world, in fact this 2023 he has toured all over Europe passing through places like Paris, Prague, Luxembourg or even Liechtenstein.

Kimber Lynn Eastwood

kimber eastwood

Kimber was born in 1964 (59 years old) which makes her his first daughter, although does not recognize it until 1996 which is when she reveals that she is the daughter of Clint Eastwood. Lynn is born as a result of the actor’s infidelity to his first wife with the dancer Roxanne Tunis, whom he meets during the filming of the series ‘Rawhide’ (‘Rawhide’ in Spanish).

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That’s why Kimber Lynn he was for more than 30 years in the shade. She currently works as a professional makeup artist, a job she grows into after being recognized as the daughter of Clint Eastwood as bearing his last name begins to open doors for her in the world in which she works.

Alison Eastwood

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Alison Eastwood is the third daughter of the interpreter, the second from his marriage to Maggie Johnson. Born in 1972 (51 years old). Alison has been an actress and in 2007 she made her debut as a film director. However, she is currently focused on her facet as an animalist and activist on her social networks.

scott eastwood

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It is probably eClint’s best known son (and no wonder). He was born in 1986 (37 years old) from the actor’s secret relationship with the flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves.


Scott is an actor and model and has even gotten to work with his father in movies like ‘Flags of Our Fathers‘, ‘Gran Torino’ either ‘Invictus’. In addition, he has participated in other projects of great relevance such as ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Furi’ or the eighth and ninth installment of ‘Fast and Furious’.

Kathryn Eastwood

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Born in 1988 (35 years old) and is Scott’s sister being the second daughter of Clint’s relationship with Jacelyn Reeves. She is also an actress and has written and performed auteur films that have not become as relevant as her brother’s or her father’s.

Francesca Fisher Eastwood

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Actress Frances Fisher and Clint Eastwood They met during the filming of ‘Pink Cardillac’ in the early 90s. Although they kept their romance a secret, in 1992 they brought their relationship to light to promote the movie ‘Unforgiven’ and in 1993 their daughter Francesca Fisher (30 years).


The daughter of this couple he accepts his mother’s last name since the actor two years after his birth leaves with another. Currently, he has also followed in his father’s footsteps by dedicating himself to acting. We have been able to see her in movies like ‘Attention Attention’ from 2021.

Morgan Eastwood

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The woman in question for whom Clint Eastwood leaves his ex Frances with a two-year-old daughter is Diana Ruiz, TV presenter. He married her for the second time and in 1996 Morgan Eastwood (27 years old) was born. This marriage lasts the actor 17 years.

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Morgan has also dedicated herself to being an actress, although without much success. She has only managed to participate in her father’s films such as ‘Million dollar Baby’ or ‘Challenging’.

laurie murray

laurie murray

We know, the age of the woman in the photo does not correspond to the chronology followed in the article. But is that Laurie is born “publicly” in 2018, during the film presentation ‘Mule’. Without being aware of it, Clint Eastwood conceives Murray in 1954 (69 years old) during his marriage to Maggie Johnson, his first wife.

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When Laurie comes of age, begins to be interested in who their biological parents are since being a baby they gave her up for adoption. To her surprise, she discovers that her father is the film director, who decided to take her in without problems and, to this day, she is one of the daughters with whom she maintains the most relationships since nothing is known of her mother’s name.

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This is the massive family of Clint Eastwood, the American Julio Iglesias: 8 children and 6 wives at 93 years of age